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Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.

Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.
4.28.16 request for communication answered. Undeniable circumstance and physical evidence.

VERY IMPORTANT: The "J Symbol" of Christmas 2020

VERY IMPORTANT: The "J Symbol" of Christmas 2020
Also from me: Welcome to the 21st Century and the Greatest Discovery Since Fire.

NASA and the metallic looking glove with their insignia

NASA and the metallic looking glove with their insignia
NASA had a hand in this. They must have met the Being, Satan, and struck a deal for ...

World Radiation Report

World Radiation Report
They are warning us by using this TIME TRAVELED IMAGE. I'm certain now, that's a global radiation report. The end will happen.

2 undeniably related communications.

2 undeniably related communications.
2 undeniably related communications

Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!
Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery

an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery
True: Successful before it was created, Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ebola's Rapid Evolution: Caution Now or Panic Later

I hope this is not what we look like next year.

Regarding Ebola: I’m not an alarmist normally. I am a casual "prepper." I use learn about, and collect resources I can now, to prepare for not having them later. I was a great student of biologic sciences, long enough, and I understand biologic evolution by mutation within a viral cell, to say the following with confidence and caution.
This virus is possibly evolving at a rate that is barely conceivable by the ordinary person. If you think you understand the rate of human evolution on Earth, consider, if we had with us the ability to evolve at the rate of an ancient retrovirus on Earth. With billions of us, all at once, in just a few hosts, then during our brief history on this planet, we would have been the gods and masters of the universe by now.
We have not experienced it numbers like this, with this many human hosts, before. They now have the advantage of numbers within each new host/person, of billions of individual viruses. Any one single viral cell  can produce a mutation, at any time that is favored by the rest, then reproduced rapidly and shed from that host, within just 21 days. Because they die out naturally, rather fast, the new adaptation is quickly replicated by the remaining new population within its host. And now the virus has the advantage of hosts, in the thousands, and that makes it likely a very different Ebola, faster mutating virus than we think it is. That is a frightening fact you won't hear from the WHO or the CDC.

How the HIV virus replicates. Ebola virus cares not, to look for specialized WBCs,
like HIV1 does. It does not need a blood to blood vector to travel.
It loves many cells and hates discrimination.
But loves to mutate.

Additionally, try to understand that we are actually providing the environmental clues it's rDNA needs, to make mutations that can allow it to thrive in a health care treatment environment made to contain it. It's a treatment paradox that spells large populations infected, many by new strains only days to weeks old, that are unbeatable by traditional (last week's) Ebola containment, and treatment methods. Get it? Spraying everything aseptically in an hospital is an invitation for rapid evolution. We could be making a genetic strain here, in Texas for example, that will be stronger than an older strain in west Africa, in only a matter of weeks. They are that fast at evolving. The truth is this bad. Hypothetically, we would be safer from its evolution if we treat of the infected hosts in animal barns on hey. There, out in the open, where we can see the hosts, and treat them faster for their suffering, the environment surrounding the hosts will be not encouraging toward a possible mutation. Because the aseptic environment of a western medical containment area is death to us all, as we offer the virus the opportunity to evolve, to surpass our many restrictions surrounding the virus, motivating mutation further, faster.
The virus is a part of human evolution. In most vertebra animals, like us, there are thousands of gene sequences on our DNA which could only have been made by ancient retro viruses, just like Ebola.

When the retrovirus first joined the family of humanity.

Spanish Flu wiped-out 1 in 5 people on Earth just about 100 years ago. And its pathogenic history started slow and small and long ago, also. Almost all of us have members of our family tree taken by that pandemic.
The differences between Ebola and HIV are fewer than their many similarities. Mainly, Ebola isn't looking for T cells to infect, which later cause system-wide infection. Ebola does not much care which tissue cell it invades and replicates within, and so does not need the blood to blood contact for a vector/way-in, as does the HIV retrovirus. Which makes Ebola much more dangerous to the population than HIV has been. Today we guard our skin and our eyes, mouths, nostrils, from entrance into mucosal membranes (soft specialized mostly epithelial tissues), tomorrow Ebola won't need those entrances any longer, not the latest most evolved strains, which we are inciting at a fast rate.
We evolved, they have waited for us; they evolve at a rate which exceeds our ability to change their environment and kill them all. I recommend stockpiling food and water so no contact has to be made with other people, for an extended period of months. I advise use of the D-95 standard surgical full coverage mask in public everywhere. Don't concern yourselves with what that looks like in public, or what it infers to others about you. You'll be the smart one who looks like a train-robber from a Western movie, who gets to live-on, after the wave has ended. Do not trust that information about just how contractible Ebola is, this week, is the same information next week.

Copyright Reserved, James G. Mason, 2014, November.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Meaning by Our Actions in Purpose of the Existence of Life


It is not an individualistic purpose driven life and there is one meaning of life and it comes from what drives us and it is inescapable and it is shared first by our entire cosmos and second by all life forms that repeat the patterns of the mechanisms needed to become who we all are. It really is:

 The Meaning by Our Actions in Purpose of the Existence of Life!

In fantastic numbers, we are intrinsically connected and incredibly diverse. Now we see a reflection and it is all of our mass in motion in a beautiful and violent ballet ending with a new beautiful beginning. 

 The time of assumptions nears its end as the answer to the greatest question we have ever pondered is now becoming visible.

Update 12/21/2016: I have changed my mind. The whole goal, of all of life, for all of us thinking species, is to eventually reach a point in society when we can all choose to sit on our asses all day. That’s the whole legacy. It is likely that when humanity succeeds in this purpose of life, the little futuristic brats will be completely ungrateful. But that's how it is supposed to be. Sh*t!

the author after this MASSIVE realization -  25 months after writing this essay! Amazing. 

However, this achievement of an ass sitting utopia will produce creative innovations that will be amazing. Like having bubbles to float around in while ass sitting as our careers. I’m pretty sure Hollywood has already portrayed this society in an animation movie called Wall E (or something). 

This is a massive realization. Imagine, after all these centuries of philosophizing, that being able to choose to do nothing is the goal of all the activity? Too much and not what our fathers told us. Let's deny this.  

Someone else who apparently was trying to achieve the true and fantastic real meaning of life (ass sitting), but somehow became a healthcare and medical devices jobs creator.

This epiphany is huge! A pun not intended until just now.

Kidding! The three paragraphs above were a complete joke to get someone to read about the real meaning of life. Or was it?

The essay has not begun. 

From the @EndAllSufffering account (me):


In the constant motion of the universe that is effected by gravity and energy from its violent beginning, all mass, both of the astronomical and of the biologic born from it is proceeding through our spacetime with purpose. All mass is moving toward a violent and unstoppable transformation that ends with the creation of a legacy as a new universe of new life. We have a choice to watch and marvel and to participate in this transformation or we can stand seemingly still on this ball of rock and continue to describe ourselves grandiosely. A perspective we are very used to as if we are separate and superior to the unstoppable mass in motion that created and sustains us. In the vastness of the universe’s splattered and coagulated webbing of an ocean of galaxies and in the rapidly moving swirls of the seas of billions of solar systems within them, in the cytoplasm in each cell of living matter, programmed by billions of years of adapting by reacting to the forces of nature, lies a distinct collection of electrical activity that’s sum as a feeling only, nags at the subconscious of each human throughout their lives.

This muffled activity speaks to all life. For complex life like humans it may take decades to realize that it is themselves and that it is only biological. Its message is not supposed to be in our language, or as audio, because it never needed to be. However, it is visible to those who step-away and can then see the big picture. It communicates an ancient and essential message.

continued: The Conversation 

the Conversation in The Meaning by Our Actions in Purpose of the Existence of Life p. 2

Copyright Reserved, James G. Mason, 2014, October.

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Also by the author: Before More Come at

Also by the author: In the Midst of a Swarm of UFO’s in an Interstellar Gold Rush
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Morning Journal: Nearly Complete Parents in One Product, Self Sufficiency Delusion, Natural Corruption & Community, 5.9% Unemployment Rate Not Fooling Me

Morning  Journal October, October 4, 2014

Freeze Your Sperm/Eggs? You Should Freeze Your Thoughts Too

Humor: Zillions wasted!

“Idea: A man sells and freezes his sperm, and a woman sells and freezes some of her eggs. The two sexes each make hundreds of videos of their thoughts to their child or many children to come. Combine the two components as a Dad in a Sperm and Mom in a Egg  product to be sold by I.V. fertility clinics to wanting mothers and fathers who are for any reason choosing, or by no choice, living their lives without a partner of the opposite sex. The women will have many videos exclusively for a daughter and may have fewer for a son to be in the far future. The men will have many videos exclusively for a son, and may have fewer for a daughter to come in decades passed. Sell for big dollars to smart people who want a challenge and mothers who also want a father’s influence taught to their children.

The video compilations can be anything the potential electronic parents want them to include. Like reading books to the future children, or children orphaned. Showing the child a craft, a hobby, any interests. Teaching the child how to play games, like chess, cards. Telling the child the history and stories of his or her ancestors. A parent can play a board game in a video, as one player, the child pauses his or her video after mommy’s turn, then take’s his or her own turn on the same board game, and the cyber parent has just played a game with their child. The parents gone from life can have videos of their happiest moments, and of their saddest moments, of birthday wishes, or celebrations of holidays, like Halloween while in a costume. The creative possibilities are endless. 

The possibilities are numerous if this catches on. Like the loss of a father or mother or both would be a lessened emotional experience for children and loved ones as the videos exist. When holographic technology is more perfected and available, that would make this product wonderful.

Copyright Reserved, James G. Mason, 2014. 

5.9% Unemployment Rate & Not Fooling Us Any Longer. Time for Truth in Economic Reporting We Could All Use

Wow, it is being announced our unemployment rate is now down to 5.9%! This is about where it was just before the financial collapse of 2008. Huh?

How were you doing back then? Did you have a good job prior to 2008? Did that job pay you enough to live on? Was that job allowing you to be happy, like falling in love and having children you could afford to take care of? Was that job of your choice, or was it economic desperation that brought you there and keeps you there? How many incomes were keeping your home and life afloat prior to 2008? Did you have health insurance that actually prevented disease from making you and your family broke forever? These are measurements relevant to me.

Not relevant to me is the increase or decrease in the numbers of people applying for unemployment compensation insurance at our state labor department facilities, for the first time in their lives, which is how we get this 5.9% number we’re supposed to view as good news. Hell, I’ve stood in the unemployment line three times in my career in labor. Is anyone counting me anymore? Is anyone counting those who have given-up on the fight for a good job, who for example have been trying to make-a-living selling crafts online from their basement for three years, while collecting food subsidies from the government? If not why not? Is the truth too depressing for the American people? We are in the dark about all of this.

We honestly don’t know - we the common people - what is the true state of our economy as it relates to our lives. We hope we can continue. We pretend we will be able to. We hope those in government can do what they can to keep inflation low, raise our wages, help us meet a standard of living that includes, minimally, the list of living standards I apply to this article?

More about your condition of working and survival prior to the collapse of 2008: Was that job you had a laborious job that was kicking your body's ass every day,  certain to cause early arthritis, back pain, knee pain? Were you compensated for that risk, all those years? Were you breathing in an amount unknown, or full well known, of carcinogens and toxins that will ensure you die before most people you know and love?  Did you receive sub standard pay to make the large profits of someone else prior to 2008? Were those profits being reinvested in your own community?


Measure the amount of food being purchased/traded for, including home grown, as it relates to our specific populations and the general population. Then we’ll know how well we are doing. Then we’ll see visually our ability to feed ourselves. Very basic. Food purchasing drops even 1.3% in a quarter? That’s bad news. Food purchasing goes up, people are happier - as could be defined by deduction of all the material things we need after feeding ourselves, those next priorities in a life we are all familiar with.

We individuals should not have to flip through pages and pages of internet web sites, or watch thirty minutes of financial news a day, trying to make sense of greed and exploitation’s role on our lives. We should exploit through technology, the existence of the Social Security number as a labor and pay tracking device, that follows a citizen for a lifetime. Include in the new ability of the number the tracking of periods of unemployment, of non working sick days, of vacation time, of raises. Let factors of tracking include our educational levels, our geographically categorized economies where we have lived, our access to health care treatment, our children and other dependents costs on our income, the health detriment level of our jobs as known to be, and on and on. Let it track our economic gains and our losses, everyone’s.

Scary? Government intrusion? No. It’s just information and not of your private life. These records are yours to keep, and one department of our government’s business to track and record. Accountability. Transparency. A measure that does far more good than harm for all of us. For the truth about our economic condition to be available clearly to all, at all times.

Copyright Reserved,, 2014.
On Naturally Corrupt Behavior & the Presence of Religion - Morality

We don’t know who is corrupt. Worse, many of the corrupt have no idea that they are. That so many members of our communities seem filled with corruption and practice exploitation, has little to do with the amount of the presence or absence of religiosity in our communities. Religion is born from communities and communities are born from religions. But it is fact, that the great majority of communities were created for the purpose of locality convenience for the exploitation of resources and people, and then religion found it’s foot-hold later.

The  Quakers experience a level of corruption in their flock, the Mormons have their share of corruption, evangelistic Christianity has a great deal of corruption, and just observe the religiously inspired corruption in the Middle East. Observe secular corruption: In our corporations, our small businesses, our common tax evaders who live next door. Does the later community have more or less
corruption then the former communities? I think the answer is not really, not very different. It’s clear to me the presence of a religion matters not as a significant factor that determines the presence or absence of corrupt behavior.

It’s Natural Behavior:

We humans very naturally seek out advantages to excel in our survival and happiness. That seeking helps us find corruption near our lives, and advantages, more easily and more frequently. We find cheats, evasions, obfuscations of truths to our advantage. We find the lies, and excuses that aide in our denial, then redirect our morality toward continuing corruption with a clear conscience.

We accept minimum standards created by uncaring and un-empathetic politicians who are economically detached from our own lives. We too readily accept these standards for treating our fellow humans, as the moral bottom-line, instead of what we know in our hearts is the real moral bottom-line (more than ½ of our Congress are millionaires). Best example is the case of the minimum wage: in the Untied States it is a low pay rate which for four decades now, cannot sustain a family, or an individual, but becomes the moral bottom-line when a business owner is seeking to keep overhead costs (labor) at a minimum - as if that behavior is perfectly moral. The movement to change this moral standard is a movement of true benevolence for the entire community, of creating a new moral standard that “raises all boats” in the harbor of our community.

*Please investigate the Moral Monday Movement.* Please return.

Answer: the legal/constitutional exclusion of the rich from the easy ability to represent the majority - the 60%, the economically struggling, by creation of nation-wide public campaign financing for every office election, small and large. Call it “Amendment 28.”

Morality within a community changes over time. A standard of morality is a modern standard, a hybrid of our past standards and inclusion of new standards, of which we are in agreement. But the corrupt among us can easily create those new standards, and unfortunately, in this modern world, their economic position places the corrupt in a position to buy speech, to propagate their new standards in our community broadly.

A non profit organization in my community means little today. Our government has allowed the special interest group (representing a minority which seeks only more profit,  for example) to appear as if their mission is for the better of all by allowing applications for NPO status to bypass moral inspection. Inspection that could determine if the new NPO’s goals do indeed benefit the community at large.

But our standard has lowered, and large money interests are forging their appearance in the community as something benevolent, kind, with our best interest in mind. When they do this, they are reinforcing their perspective, a perspective coming from the need to profit more. It’s confusing for the public when an oil company places an actor outdoors standing next to a oil pipeline and listing a few of the benefits of their profiteering.

Only transparency and accountability can keep the evils of corruption and exploitation away from our communities, and our influential children. But we severely lack that ability, and the willingness to police all of our corrupt actions, and those who have used democracy to place themselves in the best position to increase the profits of a minority are drowning in a pool of denial, they wish to share with us. Like having a belief system (a religion) compels people to attempt to convince others their beliefs are actually true things.

Copyright Reserved,, 2014.

The Self Sufficiency Delusion

“In this modern day, self sufficiency is a delusion of the ego.”
- James G. Mason,

Liberals like me have been trying to communicate the following for years. The philosophy of taxation's effect on all of us, rich or poor, is infrequently understood and many false assertions come from this misunderstanding. Warren is actually speaking (video below) about a type of person, with a particular standard of morality. I think these people she is pointing her finger at are those who never properly learned to share in childhood, and so never learned that because we share we all benefit. They then take for granted, for rest of their lives, that the resources they need to succeed will continue to "fall from the sky," and so "Why share?"

They are the exploiters, who often get rich by using our resources, and unreasonably they then scream for less government, as they are under a delusion inspired by greed that they themselves had not been hoisted into their comfortable leather seats by taking advantage of our government.  A government through which we collectively chose to provide the resources they have used. Warren is speaking below about an ethic that is harming us all. This corrupt ethic also brings us corporations in America with little loyalty to their communities, the first corporations to out-source our communities to their economic death.

Elizabeth Warren understands liberal philosophy and has an eloquent description to aid in understanding the core of one of our most pressing economic issues. If she runs for president, I'll support her over anyone in current contention for the office.  See video.
Senator, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Copyright Reserved,, 2013

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Star Trekies' Nightmare? The Movie Mistake That Got Past Millions

10-17-2014: Important Addendum at bottom of page!

Caution - Nerd Alert: the following article is all about Star Trek and making movies, and human brains. Those seeking unique social and political and futurist commentary and comedy from, please skip ahead to other more fascinating articles. -----> side bar

I posted a comment on YouTube that became this diatribe about movie mistakes and so now it's a weblog article. This one mistake in particular, I thought, is unique and astonishing. The segment of video in subject in this comment: SKIP AHEAD TO 4:03

Very good. I was interested to see that you included "My name is Khai!" 1:09:20 about (4:03 in your video above). But the wrong point of interest in that shot seems to have got past even you, oh critical one (praise). Because the sarcastic surprise here is NOT that he is the character we Trekkies expected (but not four-year olds), but that the audio is "K-h-a-i." Not the very different "K-h-a-n." I had wondered why had not published my submission about this error, now I know, it must have got passed the webmaster, of that site too, because you include the shot and dialogue here in this now popular video.

But this audio/lines/editing/proofing/observing error is no minor error. I think it's a huge error for these reasons: Scene is introducing the villain, in person. The actor playing Khan when asked who he is by the young Captain Kirk, responds with "My name is Khai!" In all dialogue that follows throughout the remainder of the film his name is properly pronounced by all other characters as "Khan."

Relevant note for non Trekies: Khan is an already written and famous character and villain, and a known nemesis of Captain Kirk since the 1960’s original series, and in film in Star Trek the Wrath of Khan, both appearances played by Ricardo Montoban (Fantasy Island host). Inconsistent most with this scene is that J.J. Abrams (director) has a reputation for detail. But Kahn is a Star Trek institutional character, so you don't screw-up his name in his introduction scene - not in the proto-religion of Star Trekian. That is, his character is a fixed-point in the entirety of the Star Trek story time-line through several decades of the venerable science fiction success. Screwing-up his signature egoist statement (emoting of his name), is a royal screw-up (Trekies know).

This is an error of production, of a category of error far more important than a “stupid mistake,” or just a vocal “flub” from an actor. This shot in this scene was easy, a close-up with one line (after several lines in other shots previous). There may have been many takes for this dramatic close-up, but this take got-passed some of the best people in Hollywood, for the completion of a very expensive shoot. I think this is epic in movie mistake history for these and other reasons:

It cost more than $100 million, to make this movie appear beautiful and suspend the disbelief of millions of Star Trek fans (with high expectations for accuracy) by keeping with Roddenberry’s original format.

If you know that the brain interprets sounds, and not our ears, you realize how a mistake as wrong as this can get past the brains of thousands (perhaps tens of millions) of people, including everyone on set (hundreds), everyone in the editing room, soundtrack engineers, including director J.J. Abrahms himself, and then on to full production and distribution where millions of Star Trek fans (including the presenter of this compilation a.k.a. Mistake), also interpret the sound of "Khan" instead of the actual audio which is "Khai."

Psychology lesson here: If we rely frequently on what our minds expect, we are more likely to hear, or even see, or feel, what we have established in our minds that we should expect.

I think this mistake should be presented to all film students in the future who have hopes of one day directing, anyone assistant directing, anyone involved in the final editing of a film, and so on. Psychology students would also benefit from learning of this major movie error.

*Some of you, will read this post and immediately go back to the shot in the video and review "for your own ears," and STILL hear K-h-a-n, "Khan." This is a major indicator your mind is vastly immersed in itself, and less so in interpreting your environment. See a shrink, or a therapist, talk about Star Trek a lot in that first interview! :-)

Important Addendum, 10-17-2014:
An apparent different version/distribution of the movie, from two distribution copies I have viewed have been found where the shot has been corrected - a proper take inserted, that may have been distributed later in 2013. It appears there are many copies of this film where the sound "Khai" can be heard clearly, instead of "Khan." In those copies (likely many) even a lip reader can see he is pronouncing the “ai” vowel sound, not bringing his mouth together to indicate he is producing the vibrating “n” vowel sound. I first viewed it on Direct TV pay-per-view in July of this year, 2014. Then I found this compilation of mistakes in the film, in a Youtube video published 12-9-2013 by a highly critical movie mistake buff a.k.a. "Mistake," that verifies what i am hearing and seeing in this shot: (4:04) where the take/clip is definitely "Khai." The maker of the compilation may have a dvd copy predating this clip 
that has been presented to me as an example that no mistake existed. Mistakes' copy probably originating when it was first mass produced and distributed. That Direct TV had the "Khai" version in 7-2014 may be because they were using an early 2013 version. I am not getting any contrary opinion on this matter from google+ members, from large G+ Star Trek groups, about this mistake - who are also hearing "Khai" in the Youtube clip of this shot I am using to verify that the mistake indeed exists.

If Paramount revised the film then redistributed the new version in 2013, they missed the boat, allowing for the "Khai" versions to dominate the market. To their advantage a psychological phenomena of hearing what your mind expects to hear, allows for many people to internally interpret “khan” even when the audio is clearly “Khai.” So the mistake flys-past unnoticed. As it got past many, including Abrahms, all on the sound set, editing, production and so on.

Copyright Reserved, 2014,

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

ISIS: A City Like Kobani - A Method of Peace that is Merciful, Efficient, Swift

2/23/2015: Kobani is finally cleared of ISIS. But not without 5 months of blood and suffering and many deaths of innocents.

"If we can do this the United States will be seen as the most intelligent fighting force on Earth and remembered as so by allies and enemies for . . . a very long time. Honor restored. Pride in our conquests will by experienced. Knowing we did everything we could to create peace peacefully."

From just behind the Turkish Army. At the Syrian border. Kobani less than 1klm in background.

Regarding Fighting ISIS and Protecting Kobani, Syria: How to Save a City from Enemy Attack. A plan to end local urban/suburban conflicts with greatly reduced suffering and expenditures of resources.

As of this writing, ISIS is closing in on a partially abandoned city called Kobani, on the Syrian border. In the U.S., we would call Kobani a medium sized city, like Poughkeepsie, NY, or Dayton, OH. About 200,000 people have already evacuated the city and its regional towns/villages. It has been reported there are perhaps 2000 people left in the city, who could not leave, or refused to. The Turkish army now has that democracies' permission to involve themselves in the war against ISIS. But due to the complex political environment, the army sits on the hilltop above the city on the Turkish side, across from Kobani (image above), with tanks and APC's, watching the smoke and explosions as ISIS moves-in. Many in Turkey, especially Syrian refugees and their families, are very frustrated with Turkeys' unwillingness to go-in. They are afraid for those left within the city and angry as their brethren and family are dying and being wounded, less than a mile from those who could be the city's salvation. Leaders and the UN are predicting ISIS will massacre thousands when they overtake the battered city, which may happen today.

What if there existed a swift, effective and honorable and dignified way to end a conflict like this one? What if there were a reasonable, efficient, bloodless, merciful way to stop a horror before it happens, with a passive, innocuous, yet aggressive attack?

I’m more perplexed as to why our military does not incorporate the following method, more so than I am doubtful we can initiate the following action:

We sedate-the-shit-out-of those bastards while they are fighting in the city. Everybody drops.

My thought is we sedate this area, with drugs, dispersed through the air. Then go in while everyone is unconscious, disarm, apprehend, destroy enemy military equipment (in one place, with one bomb hopefully). We quickly attend to the wounded and sick, allow the population to return. Set-up a military front way south of the city, to ISIS's new involuntary position. It would be the most peaceful attack, and liberation of a city, from enemy attack and occupation, ever seen. The sedative could last 10 or 18 hours. Enough time to disarm all of the unconscious enemies, move their bodies onto trucks and to a temporary prison. We could establish full control of the city over any army on the ground before anyone has awakened.

We have all seen it done in the movies, and don't think our military's brightest minds have not seen it also, and have made provisions ready. If it works in an area like Kobani, it will work almost anywhere. If done with a strategy, it may be very effective and safe for all sides. Justice can be served without extreme violence. It's going to scare the living shit out of ISIS and make each of those assholes consider the new remote possibility that they will ever be successful with their religiously evil broad goal to take over the world. 

Candy Bar: I enjoy thinking, that in the 1960's, in the Pentagon, every officer began to have this day dream, repeatedly. It's why, I'm sure, we have this capability now. And we should not be afraid to use it against terrorists. From Goldfinger, Pussy Galores' Flying Beauties and their textbook Attack on Fort Knox, Kentucky:

To do this with moral confidence, we need to extinguish our old imagery of what a gas attack is. We need to realize that this time it's about sedating, not killing, and without even intention to cause suffering. We are not attackers - we are defenders. We are far-from being seen as dictators attempting to extinguish opposition to democracy by genocidal attacks. We will not be seen as any such attacker after Kobani is cleaned with this method.

Addendum, 11/4/2014:

Mr. President and Joint Chiefs,

         Take your balls in your hands and go visit the CEO of Pfizer, or Lilly. Have our boys take-over a big pharmaceutical plant and immediately make tons of this sedative, quickly. And consider, don't exclude a shit-load of lithium and Prozac in that mix.

We have the chemical technology to do this effectively without greatly harming numbers of innocents who may still be in the city.

The problem with traditional gassing of an area this large is that the combatant or not some may be harmed. For example, unless the chemical agent is only absorbed through the skin, or any mucosal tissue, as its  primary vector, the feeble of lung health may die from the dispersing of the sedative gas, depending of course on the chemicals used, and their density in the atmosphere. This population may be few in numbers, but may include those with COPD, babies, children and adults with asthma, and small animals, the elderly with weak cardiopulmonary health may suffer, and in this particular case some may die.

However, we could drop gas masks on the city, in certainty that some of those who will need a mask, get one. Of course, some ISIS fighters may have gas masks (but I have not seen one in media, have you?). Those with masks that filter the drug may continue fighting - if it's an aerosol with its primary vector as lung tissue. Again if the drug does not absorb through the skin or a mucosal membrane, they'll try to fight-on. But perhaps not many or all of the enemy will be equipped? As ISIS, in this scenario, if some of your comrades don't have protection, you lose them by your side as they become unconscious, your army is then cut into a small fragment of what it was prior to the gas attack. You must then consider surrender or conduct a fast retreat.

Note: It is possible the chemical used would nearly comatose the population, requiring an antidotal solution for each being revived. It would be an orderly manner of reviving the city, by small a number of citizens and enemy at a time.

If we think our military does not possess the ability to do this, that's foolish. If we think this same branch of our military has not prepared for evading the gas mask defense of this attack, that's foolish.
If you think the plan is ridiculous or implausible or abhorrent even, you don't know our capability. You may have little confidence in our military and our national security infrastructure, and you may not trust warring men at all.

Of course, this idea has been planned for and likely already tested in simulations; live and computer driven. Possibly, the chemicals are likely ready to go in sufficient amount - planned for as an emergency alternative to an armed crisis, and planned for as a manner of mass public crowd control. It takes balls that's all.

Our Commander in Chief will require a willingness possibly to cause the deaths, of some few innocents.  Their lungs and hearts won't be able to handle the sedation, who don't get a mask in time (if masks are effective).

Let's do this! It's the 21st century for a gods' sake. Why can't we do this? Balls <-- absence of.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Accidental Virgin Birth Pandemic

"Look you junior high-school idiots: They're very much alive, and they are in a f-ing Petri dish in room temperature and they're definitely not out of energy. Think about it! Your parents won't let us say this but your little buggers, about 70,000 of each of them, at a time, can swim all over the place. Including up your sisters' virgin skirt as well! When your parents find out, you'll go-along with your sisters' virgin birth story, won't you then? And you boys will grow hair on your palms too!" 

If you accept that evolution is a process in nature then you should understand that the conditions and methods in which life forms, using redundancies and repetitions of opportunities to allow life to reproduce in more than one way is a normal part of the cycle of life on Earth. In the process of evolution this is true among many if not most sexually reproducing life forms. One of these manners of redundancy and further distribution of opportunity to reproduce is becoming more apparent: The discovery a human female carrying an embryo or fetus, who had no physical, sexual contact is becoming less unusual. 

To greatly to improve the chance of just one acorn becoming successful and growing into a fine young tree - an oak tree may drop 100,000 acorns in a couple of weeks. A human male will distribute about 70,000 sperm cells during sexual intercourse climax in the same manner of excess for success. A squirrel could pick up many of those acorns and drop two or three far away from that mother oak. A dandelion seed cast into the wind can easily travel for a mile or more by numbers of over one hundred per flower.

Article reference: Virgin Pregnancy Rates Up. Please return! 

It is unusual, but is found throughout human history during our relative brief time while living in close quarters to each other that "virgin birth," stories appear frequentlyApparently, most families keep these occurrences very private. Some women will run-off and find a husband quickly and tell no one that they really " . . have no idea how this happened to me!"  

In these times we are communicating these stories more frequently and so the seemingly miraculous incidents are being discovered in numbers that are significant. Worth studying. Worth hypothesizing why so that someone can launch real study and find out for sure how all of these women and so many pubescent aged girls are becoming pregnant with seemingly NO SEXUAL contact with others?

Here's a hypothesis about virgin births: Perhaps it's true? Perhaps these virgin or abstinent women are picking-up fresh sperm cells from the warm surfaces and undersides of desks and tables and chairs, and toilets, door knobs, faucet handles, tissues or towels, or any object in a highway motel room where male ejaculation (I think it's called shooting-off-a-willy, in Britain) had recently taken place? Especially in the cases where a sexually active male was in close quarters to the virgin's home or work place. Just a dab will do ya!

Really; The women scratch their itchy vagina's like we all scratch our privates, while in post ovulation and egg/s are low "in the chutes," of the fallopian tubes and then deposit the sperm cells innocently by their own physical contact mostly by the ends of their fingers. 

Bingo. Virgin births. Just a human biological thought to consider. 

Off-the-wall? Too incredible? Remember those black and white science films showing through a microscope several sperm cells all wiggling about in a petri dish? 

The untold by government censors warning within that film footage was: 

"Look you junior high-school idiots: They're very much alive, and they are in a f-ing Petri dish in room temperature and they're definitely not out of energy. Think about it! Your parents won't let us say this but your little buggers, about 70,000 of each of them, at a time, can swim all over the place. Including up your sisters' virgin skirt as well! When your parents find out, you'll go-along with your sisters' virgin birth story, won't you then? And you boys will grow hair on your palms too!Well maybe not that specific?

Tens of thousands per ejaculation. Full of energy, even 
in room temperature, under ultra-violet light, for about 
a 1/2 hour. Think about this kids! 

Something to think about female housekeepers, home makers, privates scratchers. Hell: fathers and mothers keep your daughters out of those restaurant bathrooms, and watch-out when any horn-ball man is living near where a fertile female spends a lot of time, and touches surfaces. My advice to all women wanting to avoid the appearance of a pregnant girl on a donkey being lead through the desert, just stay on the pill all the time until you want to get knocked-up, possibly by a toilet seat, but hopefully by someone you love, even if that's Jesus himself.


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