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Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.

Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.
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VERY IMPORTANT: The "J Symbol" of Christmas 2020

VERY IMPORTANT: The "J Symbol" of Christmas 2020
Also from me: Welcome to the 21st Century and the Greatest Discovery Since Fire.

NASA and the metallic looking glove with their insignia

NASA and the metallic looking glove with their insignia
NASA had a hand in this. They must have met the Being, Satan, and struck a deal for ...

World Radiation Report

World Radiation Report
They are warning us by using this TIME TRAVELED IMAGE. I'm certain now, that's a global radiation report. The end will happen.

2 undeniably related communications.

2 undeniably related communications.
2 undeniably related communications

Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!
Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery

an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hang Em High Boys! Yee Hawww!

1. Too bad not one of the charges against Saddam included any of the several contacts and cooperative deals with the Reagan and Bush I administrations. Gee what a coincidence.

2. NYT: " In His Death, as in Life, Hussein Divides Iraq Sects 3:19 PM ET. When will the NYT be through hiring high school juniors to write Headlines? Saddam held the sects together within Iraq, to the point where after nearly 30 years of his dictatorial rule, many Sunnis were married and or doing business with Shites, and thinking nothing of it! Morons.

3. It was reported that Saddam's face was severely bruised and bloody. What happened? Fell down some stairs accidently in front of a live video feed to the White House, accidently?

4. Worse case of Kangaroo court justice, seen on the international front, since umm I don't know. Speedy and vindictive selective justice is not Justice by any decent Western Republic definition. Shame on all concerned.

5 Hanging is a fairly humane death. It's usually over fast, lights out instantaneously. Kind of merciful for all the talk from the vengeance blowhards. Maybe they just don't know it. Death by NYC roach bites in a crowded tenement building would have been far more horrific.

6. You want punishment? Make Saddam sit in a 5x8 cell for 30 years to life. Living is largely pain by definition. Without the entertainment of course. Well okay, let him play several video game titles: Operation Just Cause; Iraqi Invasion, Full Spectrum Warrior - Ten Hammers, lead a team of Seals through a fictional city in Iraq, death of civilians is frowned upon, but allowed.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Bill of Rights was First - Abused High Technology Came Later

Angry parents who want to stop child predators on the internet would like to see a strict law against talk online that would indicate that one user is advancing sexually upon the other user, and assuming one of the users is an adult and the other is a minor. In other words they want to prevent crime by attacking crime’s premeditations, assuming they know what those premeditations were, or if those thoughts were going to become actions. It’s a lot of assumptions in this new idea of crime fighting on the Internet. It is the manifestation of the Thought Police that we all used to snicker about when pondering the future. The future is here.
Now that Republican politicians, at all levels of governing, have displayed a pattern of hunting and flirting with underage boys on the internet, we should take advantage of the up-swell of the voices of angry mothers and fathers to address the technology that brought us to this point and not cast blame on the right to free expression granted to us all by the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Free expression of the type granted by the First Amendment came first and foremost to our country. This unique characteristic has allowed our country to grow thus far. It has kept our government in-check and our populace more satisfied, given their frequent and easy ability to express themselves.
There are so many among us who would take the easy way out of a technical problem. Easy as they see it to change, or violate the ideals of, the Constitution rather than attack a huge technically challenging problem. Such is the case with children on the Internet and the dangers they face from pedophiles, imagery, or disturbing and unhealthful ideology.
I defend the idea that was the United States of America as it was foreseen at the time of its creation. I do not defend its boundaries, or its wealth, or military power, or any particular culturally popular trend. I defend the Bill or Rights, particularly the first ten amendments, for they are almost entirely personal to you and I, they describe the limitations in our relationship with our government. For example as personal as an experience on the internet is, as the privacy that one expects when using the internet for communication, for expression, and for valued information transfer.

Four points of fact around this issue:

  1. The Internet has allowed child predators access to a new tool. Nevertheless, be aware the old tools that were reliable to predators still remain; hanging at the ice-cream shop, bringing a cute dog to the playground and etc..

  2. Child predators are harder to catch given the anonymity of the net. The predators are practiced at appearing to be peers.

  3. Children on-line are easily fooled by false identity.

  4. Children on-line are often unsupervised by an at-home adult. The home computer has become the new nanny to the television’s reign in that role.

Two ongoing programs to protect children using the Internet must receive serious attention from the federal government because the states would turn nearly any initiative to deal with a national endemic into a mish-mash of corruptible and escapable laws with no teeth. The first is information gathering: who, when, on what technology, where from, what times, what ages, at what frequency of use. The second is mandating identity proof for teenagers. Perhaps cards that unlock computer terminals, or keyboards, or modems, for all teenagers and children. The magnetic strip wallet sized card could contain the information and double as a photo id to protect the safety and use by the minor in many other functions.
The Social Security Administration is the appropriate management organization to be expanded to accept this role of security and identity and statistical information gathering. What organization is better to establish accurate birth dates? Who better to track identity cards than a management network that already issues SSI cards and assumes the role of fund management for nearly every US citizen.
  1. Technological answers must be used to address to this technological problem. Answers such as:

    1. Identification cards for all children. Swipe cards used at every keyboard. Cards should expire at age eighteen so that no adult could use them past the holder’s eighteenth birthday, nor could another minor use the card, if stolen or lost. Adult users could operate solely with passwords to unlock terminals at home or in public.

    2. Corporate sponsors could offer earned gifts from stores and on-line shopping sites, adding points to ID cards, which should offer incentive to care for the card and to use it properly, by one’s self.

    3. Every newly registering URL must belong to an adult. Every domain registration company must wait in compliance form identification to be verified. Every adult domain must have a “dot x” label, and ISP’s will be responsible for verification. Every commercial chat service or IM provider would have to save and deliver to each parent or guardian a full log of their minor’s conversations.

    4. Restriction to supervised use of any computer, such as at a library, to any paroled or past sex offender, as a strict condition of release. If a parent or guardian chooses to only allow supervised online time, his or her password would be required within a timed period of the minor’s sign-in, or swipe through.

    5. The ID card issued to the minor could have a tracer tag implanted within, rendering the card useless if tampered with. The “taggent,” could be vital in locating the child should he or she disappear.
If we allow perverts to force a change in our fundamental rights, rights which were paramount in beginning our nation, then we have become lazy, selfish, narrow minded fools. Our Bill of Rights is not just a set of protections against our government and a compilation of rights, it is a table of challenges through the ages to be met by the generations. Let’s not be the generation of soft sided pansies ready to fold at signs that cause us real fear.
When the parentally outraged are calmed down enough to think straight, without calling for everyone’s head (understandably), talk can proceed regarding a real solution which doesn’t affect our freedom, the freedom that existed long before cyber-stalking or other such internet behavior. Be ready however, for the hundreds of individual stories of little boys and girls who lost their freedom to perverts while “those ACLU types,” are fighting to protect the freedom of children who will grow to have rights and use them accordingly as adults.

Friday, September 15, 2006

A Republican With a Cause

Iraq is far from what it appears to be to many Americans who still trust in Government, or even still trust in the status quo. The illegal invasion and occupation of that small and basically unarmed and boxed-in, patrolled by air and inspected over and over impoverished nation had nothing to do with protecting our safety, or protecting our freedom, or freeing those poor Iraqis, or liberating Iraqi women and bringing a western style democracy to a middle east Arab nation creating a domino effect of democratizing throughout the nation, or breaking up a relationship between Al Queda and Saddam Hussien. Invading this nation because it had weapons of mass destruction was especially not the reason, in fact we would not have invaded if Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. All bunk, all strongly evidenced to be bunk already by thousands of other documents besides this, especially by the now infamous Downing Street Memos.
A politician and his or her political planners will do nothing for just one reason. If they had nothing to do with their entire day, not even getting out of bed for the sake of being awake would be enough by itself to rise and face the day. Two or three beneficial reasons are usually the standard, and even better is three or four. The politicians of either party will practice their actions in this manner, but there is one party that takes the deceptive route consistently, because the motivations for their actions are usually unpalatable to the public. The debacle encircling a quagmire, wrapped in political deception that is the Iraq invasion and occupation is the ultimate example in our modern history of this often unrealized rule.
Often those needed to be brought into the fold to carry out said plan, will have goals they themselves need fulfilled as a condition for their participation, adding to the wish list (or “grab bag”) of causes required to conduct a scheme, or a conspiracy, a legislative action like an “earmark” into a budget bill and etcetera. A cadre becomes meshed together, most of its members without knowledge of the others, and deals are then made, hand offs, hand outs, pay-offs and favors, trades and reconciliation’s are set-up to be conducted in a web of actions traceable only by some super computer from a yet to be invented science fiction future.
Political Correctness has motivated the Republicans to go into stealth mode and pass legislation that hides their feelings and hides the intolerance of their own voting constituents, and the stereotypes they hold; the hatred of the lower classes who thanklessly milk the public dole. These past couple of decades this known obstacle has kept the Republican politician in-check, but only until he or she learned how to circle around that intimidating boulder that remains called Political Correctness Rock. Examples of the non “pc” type of goals of Republicans might be; expanded oil drilling, oil rights, destruction of protections either environmental, labor, or corporate legal, elimination of public programs including schools and Head Start, lunches, and food stamps, Medicaid and Veteran’s benefits. All terribly non-politically correct and publicly embarrassing to the point where many of their own favored voters would turn away from them, if they only knew the truth.
So to avoid these embarrassments and violations of Political Correctness, paying back the lumber companies becomes The Healthy Forests Initiative, and returning a campaign promise to the Coal industry becomes the Clear Skies Initiative, and covertly destroying public schools becomes No Child Left Behind, and shrinking-down the need for the funding of social welfare programs is introduced as Faith Based Initiatives.
With Iraq they had it in mind all along. Kill several birds with one stone and profit enormously while at it. The administration at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are former oil company executives, former oil industry tycoons. VP Cheney (really the president) is still on the board at Halliburton/KBR. Rumsfeld was a Pharmaceutical Company (Searl) CEO, peddling his influence and arms directly to Saddam Hussien in 1983. Rice was a Chevron board member – and in a testimony to her relationship with them, they named a giant new tanker for her. Bush: his family's ties to the Bin Laden family (yes the same Bin Ladens) go way back to his failed days as a drunken stoner in Houston, collapsing companies and drilling dry holes. Former aero Industry executives from Lockheed Martin and Boeing, largely make-up the rest of the administration. Currently there is 8.8 billion in cash completely missing from Iraq supplements. Someone has this money and its disappearance has become history’s greatest theft in dollar amount. Who would have the ability, or the power, to seemingly ship this much money out of Iraq, being seen by many witnesses, using several trucks and laborers and likely a military airlift cargo plane? War profiteering is one of most dastardly and unpatriotic and traitorous actions a person can do to his or her country.
Iraq was about as un “pc,” as war gets and that is clearly why, it’s launching and delivery to the people of the United States was deceptive, was handled by a cadre, was mixed into a network of favoritism, payments and corporate pay outs. The president lied to congress about the validity of military intelligence. It was an unprovoked invasion. .
The United States Constitution requires that the president and the congress follow every treaty as “the law of the land.” All treaties ever signed by the United States regarding rules of war, including torture, detainment, field conduct, which weapons, civilian death, were violated in the course of this illegal occupation.

Article VI,
“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any state to the Contrary notwithstanding.”
What the Republicans and the Administration of George
W. Bush, and their friends and colleagues, gained by invading and occupying Iraq:
· Control over Iraqi oil export amounts and rates of production. It doesn’t matter whether the oil flows fast or slow, large or small, just that the Americans, or the American companies have their hands on the pipelines and pumps. Preferably the oil flow is slow or hindered resulting in high gas prices via OPEC realized opportunities.
· Provide tens of thousands of for profit American jobs for corporations that’s for years have been known to, connected to, or having dealt with the administration officials and family. Out or work Iraqis are standing on the side of roads watching chubby Americans drive by them in trucks making good money while they experience %50 unemployment.
· Reap political benefits of being a war president at war. Enjoy all the political benefits of antiquated war time rhetorical phrases: Fighting for Our Freedom! Over There! While They Are Dying For Our Freedom! Support the Troops! Freedom Isn’t Free!
· Vengeance for 1993 Saudi Arabian attempted assassination of George W. Bush’s daughters, wife and mother and father. Bettering his father by invading and removing Saddam Hussien, as many said his father should have in 1991.
· Establishing permanent military presence throughout Iraq, to threaten and perhaps launch attacks on Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia in future years.
· An opportunity to practice long discussed hypotheses of slim and efficient mobile military supported by private mercenary armies.
· Instigate Armageddon as described in Revelations. As has been publicly divulged to be believed in by this president. Destabilize the entire mid east causing eventually a massive war over Israel which kills all Jews, at such time the U.S. can step in, kill off remaining Muslims and fill the Holy Land with pasty white Christians.

Other sources indicating War Profiteering by the Bush administration:
In summary:
· No politician gets out of bed without a plan that accomplishes at least more than one goal.

· Both parties politicians do this but Republicans have to hide their goals completely, due to the non politically correct nature of their goals. “If their own voters only knew.”
· Iraq is our nation’s current prime example of this deceptiveness; with the gouging and thievery and corporate involvement in Iraq, the American occupation is the epitome of deceptive greed/goal motivated actions by a government’s politicians.
· The Iraq invasion and occupation violated the treaties of many conventions both brokered by the United Nations and by the International Red Cross at the Geneva Conferences. Constitutionally, treaties are the law of the land.
· There are numerous reasons for the Bush administration to have invaded and occupied Iraq, besides those told to the public. Including religious belief in End of Days scenario for which George W. Bush has said “God told him to preside over.”

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Our Really F%#ked Up Health Care Delivery and Payment System

Sorry the article below does not begin to describe the details of the illustration above. However, each line represents the taking or giving of services and or money to and from each of the entities shown. Each line represents the way we are dealing with the inevitable struggle of health care delivery and financing that every single American will have to deal with.

1860, Growing Town, U.S.A.:

George Common seeks opportunity, as he sits and thinks, nursing a jug of whiskey. 

“Gee, as I look around town I see that about half of my fellow townspeople go into debt with old’ Doc Wilkins, every time they sick. Hmmm, how can I capitalize on this problem? How can I exploit this condition of depravity to my gain? I’ve got it! I’ll collect a pool, of sorts, of their money, like say One Hundred bucks per year! Since most of my fellow community members don’t get sick within a year, heck most of them go several years without anything going wrong, I’ll have more than enough to pay their medical bill to Doc Wilkins, take a good share for myself and expand the scam, err the business.”

Thus a new type of insurance company was born. Of course selling insurance was nothing new at this time, Lloyds of London was offering Casualty and Loss insurance already for centuries. For all new business ventures there has to exist a need to fill, a condition to exploit. For success there also must exist; a disciplined and consistent methodology of profit which is too advantageously provocative to turn away from.

Medicine was primitive in the nineteenth century, but still leaps and bounds beyond the centuries past. Surgery had advanced, arterial manipulation had begun to save lives, the meaning of a fever had begun to be understood, and clean surgical method was being practiced. So people who visited the town doctor began to live beyond their diseases. Although the odds of their deaths were still greatly against them, it was getting better, and this made the sale of medical insurance financially feasible. Because a person might live, he she would live to see the debt acquired post medical treatment. In the urban centers the doctors were charging more where wealth existed, and when a contagion broke-out, it spread to many. For the doctors, charging the wealthy more allowed for a quasi compensated volunteerism towards the poor, who were afflicted with any number of air and blood born illnesses. Health insurance was not advantageous here in the cities of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, because the poor couldn’t pay anything, and the wealthy and middle class could easily afford to pay cash.

As the industrial revolution rose to fruition health insurance grew with it, but known as Sickness Insurance, which often shared its title with Disability Insurance, so that health treatment claims were directly related to the person’s inability to further work. This restriction meant the patient paid for any illness not related to work or ability to work further for his employer. This also meant that selling policies what’s adverse risks only came into play if the insured policy holders work was threatened, was clearly profitable.

The 1950s, and the nice doctor next-door your mother wanted you to be:

In the television 1950’s (not to be confused with reality in that decade) your town doctor might just live next door to you, sharing a driveway perhaps. You see Doctor J. Atomic when you get your mail, and you chat over the backyard fence. His car is a Chevy, just like yours. He and his wife are on the PTA, he did a term on the city council. His house is a three bedroom, just like yours, he borrows stuff from your garage, you and his wife play Bridge together on Thursday nights, a month ago you all got too drunk and a huge yelling fight ensued, causing the game to end early. But you all quickly forgave each other a few days later. Doctor Atomic charges Twenty dollars an hour for office visits, and he doesn’t care if you have insurance or not. Sure, it’s nice to have a patient with insurance, but most folks in town pay any debt they have to him anyway. After all, it’s not a large town, and he’s so nice, so relaxed, and you guessed it: he looks amazingly like actor Robert Young, circa 1954.


Doctor J. Modern is not that doctor of nearly fifty years ago. He doesn’t live next door anymore. Not really. You know he or she is in “that” house. But that house is now two hundred yards away. The lawn has an iron fence and a gate with security cameras. He drives a BMW with its windows so dark you can’t even see him. His kids are shuffled off to a private school somewhere on the outside of town. You know someone who goes to him, at a privately owned clinic on the fifth floor of a mirrored glass cube of a ten story building in an office park. Doctor J. Modern is a General Practitioner – that’s what the “sees generally all ailments” doctors are called now. It takes about two months to get an appointment with him and folks in town will leave their own grandmothers hanging-out on a street corner to make that appointment on time. He golf’s as much as he can but you can’t golf with him because the country club he goes to is $12,000 per year.

New Costs:

Consumers are demanding their insurance companies meet more of these ever increasing costs. Competition between the insurance companies is but a moot concept, as premium prices, deductibles, and issued claim amounts vary only in the names and amount dispersals. Insurance industry conventions and secret meetings in the Bahamas between the top executives, “insure,” that premiums are nearly identical, that pay-outs are chocked-off through the use of numerous excuses, by using billions of dollars to employ thousands of lawyers to fight legitimate claims in courts, and the use of very fine print in initial contracts. Television and magazine advertising show middle aged wives and mothers looking into the camera, with an almost tear in their eyes and saying, “I don’t know what we would have done without Nationwide Premium Health, they really were there for my family when we needed them.” Stoking the fire of fear in the consumer public the insurance industry makes uses of the greatest known propaganda tactic to “insure,” their ever lasting survival.

Enter Medicare, 1965:

The insurance industry was just beginning to realize the incredible potential of selling health insurance as more and more citizens annually had been buying insurance. Better, having health insurance provided as a “benefit,” through one’s employer was bringing millions into the fold of the insurance industry. But the decades long debate over covering the poor and indigent and seniors with government subsidized health insurance had won out in favor of a new program called Medicare. Signed into law on June, 30th, 1965, as part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society initiatives. The corporate lobbying by Health Insurance providers that went into trying to stop this legislation was probably the beginning of non-war related corporate lobbying as it is known today. In 1972 the program was extended to include the disabled of any age, and those using the Social Security Income program for household income. Practically overnight the nation insured 30 million seniors and disabled citizens. At the time the premium for Part B Medicare, office visits, hospital stays and etc., was $3 per month. No longer did little old ladies have to eat cat food so they could afford to pay an insurance company valued at $200 million, $25-100 per month for coverage. In the 1970s Health Maintenance Organizations began cropping up, often formed by groups of doctors, or private investors seeking their piece of the health care pie. Soon, Medicare became available to these HMOs. Health Insurance premiums rose like an Apollo launching during the late 1970s-1980s, it seemed that Medicare was just too good to allow those insurance companies their “sky is the limit,” growth.

Medicare and the Provider’s Nightmare:

For the hospital managing to stay solvent financially is all they want to do. For Dr. J. Modern, its different, because his family and house is an expensive lifestyle he is not willing to reduce, he wants to be rich enough to be able to quit the practice when ever he wants.

Now, in 2006, a lot of providers have started to refuse to accept Medicare patients. Since its inception, out payments to providers have been gradually cut almost every year. Payments to providers have reached a point where from the viewpoint of the professional provider almost any private insurance is far better than Medicare. An entire segment of our Congress has hated Medicare since its beginnings. They despised the whole socialist sounding dogma of President Johnson’s Great Society. We may never know but it appears as if the Republicans wanted a nation of haves and have nots. The have nots working and stagnating without upward mobility, always serving the haves. The conservatives strongly feel that getting sick and using medical care should cost a person money, his or her own money, not hand-outs. So attack Medicare and Medicaid they did. Taking little nibbles year after year like small carnivorous fish in a creek that Americans have to walk through. Often the cuts were concessions with the other side of the congressional isle, deals, back rubbing. One can be assured that insurance company lobbying, fighting to reduce the effectiveness of their greatest competitor, had a lot to do with those budget cutting decisions.

Even though Medicare has kept itself solvent year after year, with solvency forecast between four and twenty eight years throughout its history. It was cast as a failure by the Republicans. They broadcast complaints from sought after individual stories, of little old ladies being denied services having resulted from the very programs Medicare was forced to cut back on, due to their ruthless budgeting priorities. Oddly the complaint that most galvanized public discord to agree with the Republicans was the stories of the long waits on the telephone, just to ask a question.

Private insurance monthly premiums increased two and three fold, just within the 1980s. The excuse from the insurance companies was those blasted diagnostic tests. Yes they were expensive. But that never explains the increasing profits of the insurance companies. After all, if preventing a monetary loss while still providing the quality insurance services that their customers expected, had been their goal all along. They could never have gone public and sold shares, their offices would not be skyscrapers, their executive bonuses would not be among the highest in the world.
Recipients responsibility for Medicare Part B, was now $85 per month mid 2006. Wages and or Social Security incomes from Medicare recipients never did catch-up to this type of cost increase. The only group of individuals who may have seen an increase of 28 times their original rate of pay, might be the insurance company executives.

Behind the office park where Dr. Modern’s office is located (along with the offices of fifty other doctors and medical specialists) is the hospital. The facility was built in the early 1980’s at a cost of around $42 million. In today’s costs of construction and medical equipment, including all the latest diagnostic equipment, computers, monitors, cameras and etc, that same capacity hospital would cost more than $200 million. A new hospital would never pay for itself at that start-up cost. That cost would have to be passed on to the consumer in any way possible, often desperately. The existing hospital built twenty five years back, has not escaped the inflation of medical costs, it had to upgrade everything just like all the other health care providers and hospitals. Additionally the nations’ pharmacopoeia has grown by thousands of percent just since the early 1980s.

Hospital managers are under constant pressure to find the money. The Health Care Financing Administration in Washington D.C., which manages the Medicare financing and reports to the public, has had to cut way back on services, on which specific types of illnesses and hospital stays it would pay what percentage for. Cut backs are directly in proportion to the budget reductions from the U.S. Congress. Sadly the politicians get away with it with dirty public relations tricks. The most common is the annual budget increase, but not enough to meet the increase in annual patient needs, including the one million or so new patients added to the population, just from being born each year. This allows the President and Congressional conservatives (who hate government) to proclaim they have increased Medicare spending. To the applause of little old Republican ladies in the audience.

In the late 1980s and reaching the height of popularity by 2000 was the Medicare over-treatment and thus over-billing. This could be done in the wide open. Medicare had reached a point where its merit in terms of dollars paid, far surpassed by private insurance companies. Smiling Nurses who are on the front line of the arrangement are oblivious to what they are allowing. After all, it’s the doctor’s orders and it’s not their call. So, a seventy-two year old man with a peptic ulcer spends four nights in a private hospital room. He is prescribed a fancy new pharmaceutical, which comes from the hospital’s own pharmacy and is priced at $18 per capsule. It’s the same pill the Canadian’s are getting from the same manufacturer for just $2 per capsule. The Nurses document his recovery, from a crying and wincing dependant old man, to an upright in bed, watching television, laughing and pinching a Nurses rear-end. All within 18 hours of his arrival. He was ready to go home then. But the doctor ordered Magnetic Resonance Imaging of his esophagus, causing a wait delay, then the diagnostician’s delay. This type of testing, and delaying has allowed the hospital to bill his Medicare over $18,000 for the four day stay. But modern Medicare, after all the years of cuts, is only going to pay $11,000. A private insurance company would have paid all of this amount, but it also would have utilized %17-%28 of its income from customer premiums to process, and delay, and argue costs, and short shrift any provider it can. Amounts and percentages are all relevant in a system that allows the give and take of funding for services, unchecked, with sky is the limit boundaries.

Medicare used to have enough fraud inspectors to police the system in an adequate manner. Now there are less than 100 inspectors for approximately 3000 hospitals, a hundred thousand doctors, and so on. Getting away with bilking Medicare is almost a sure thing. Medical supply companies have seen exponential growth since lobbying efforts have won them the ability to charge Medicare for all kinds of previously prohibited equipment. Motorized wheelchairs are selling like dairy milk as those companies are now advertising full Medicare financing. Obese people who develop extreme lower back pain are getting doctors to sign off on legitimate claims of disease rather than BBQ ribs, so they can travel from the bed to the recliner to watch television.

Medicare had not failed. The idea of Medicare, and Medicaid, has not failed. What has failed is our representatives ability to protect Medicare from those who despise its very ideology. Our representatives have also failed to protect Medicare from the fraud that followed this nibbling at the ankles destruction of the program. The only type of laws our entire country seems to respect is those delineated in the United States Constitution. Therefore knowing what we would do to a new health care program, I suggest we write any new Universal Healthcare, into the Bill of Rights as an Amendment. Violating that amendment with fraud or insufficient funding, would be a violation of the Civil Rights of all.
“Frivolous Lawsuits!”

Dr. Modern complains about his liability insurance costs, he’ll gladly tell any of his patients that he spent “over eighty thousand dollars last year,” on liability insurance. If he only knew why he pays so much he might be furious; the same company that provides his liability insurance, also takes premiums money from his patients for health insurance and from citizens who drive for auto insurance. Could it be that the books of one insurance company don’t care which category of income makes what, so long as the income is positive and the stock prices go up and the executive bonuses are bigger than the year before? Yes exactly, whether their profits come from Dr. J. Modern and his brethren or all those millions of worried hypochondriacs, or even all those millions of drivers who buy auto insurance, its all the same account on someone’s desk on one of the top floors in those tallest buildings in the world.

Why does Doctor J. Modern think that his liability insurance is destroying his ability to be fruitful at his medical practice? Some politicians and pundits have been telling him that the whole problem is “frivolous lawsuits,” desperate patients suing their surgeons for silly reasons, like leaving a scar. Although less than %2 of all dollars spent on health care delivery in the U.S. is spent on litigation, one would not know it listening to Doctors like J. Modern.

Another financial secret the insurance companies, would rather Doctor J. Modern not know, is that they play with his and everybody else’s money in the stock market, in bonds and securities. In a study by the Government Accounting Office has found that “lower-than-expected investment income for 15 large insurers between 2000 and 2002 probably played an important role in their rate-setting.” (Rosman, “Background Paper: Medical Malpractice in Crisis,” p.10).

Similarly, an analysis by the American Academy of Actuaries also found that liability insurers’ investment income decreased as a percentage of premiums between 1995 and 2001, and it suggested that each one percent decrease in interest rates would require insurers to increase premiums 3 to 4 percent to offset the reduced investment income. (Schactman, Doonan, and Rosman, “Policy Brief: Medical Malpractice in Crisis,” Council on Health Care Economics and Policy, (May, 2003), p. 5).
A fourth hidden factor driving liability rates skyward is the monopolization of insurance companies. Mergers and acquisitions from one company by another, decrease competition. In fact it is often a motivation for buying-out the holdings of another insurance company. With less competition, whether they had cooperated in pricing or not, premiums for all categories of insurance can drive upwards by the remaining companies still in the market. (Rosman, “Background Paper: Medical Malpractice in Crisis,” p. 4).

Nearly all states, and recently the federal government have capped pain and suffering (the worst part of having the wrong leg chopped off) to just $250,000 in total. No longer can a judge or a jury decide (as our Constitution says they should) what is proper and just punishment for a guilty party, based upon suffering, be it lifelong or a couple years. What’s the rest of your life ruined by a busy surgeon, or a sponge stuck in your gut, worth? One or two million dollars at least? No, $250,000. Running around our system of justice to appease doctors whose real complaint should be with the insurance companies, is not the answer.

Lobbyists have everything to do with every measure passed or not in our congress, at least for the last twenty five years about health care. Using our premium dollars against us, the health insurance companies have been one of the most active and high spending lobby’s in the history of Capital Hill. It was lobbyists that convinced Republican lawmakers that the high cost of liability insurance was due to “frivolous lawsuits.” And the people were fooled too, not realizing that not one lawsuit gets past the bench and on to a trial without the judge deciding it has merit or is frivolous. The insurance industry lobbyists convinced the people that it is because they “ . . have to hire all these lawyers,” that premiums are so high for the poor doctors, “ . . we have to make it up somewhere!” These measures totally deflected all heat from the insurance industry, saved to continue to reap the profits.

While Doctor J. Modern pays $80,000 annually to have decent liability coverage, on the other side of the country some doctors are paying $180,000 annually, and they have the same insurance company. Super bilking of premiums from Beverly Hills to subsidize Suburban Town, NY is another hidden secret they don’t want these doctors to know about. It has been three years since the Republicans passed the new caps on Pain and Suffering damages to patients, and Dr. J. Modern hasn’t see his rates go down one penny, in fact they went up last year by %3. He remembers the Republican president speaking to a crown in front of an HMO in Tennessee about how frivolous lawsuits destroying our health care system. He supported him, because he was addressing an issue dear to his wallet.

When citizens elect persons who loudly exclaim the failures of government. Then those persons enter government, enjoy their congressional pay and health insurance, then they set out to prove their original contention.

In 1994 a Republican senator, speaking on the floor, displayed a diagram that was portrayed as a satire of the proposed health care reforms offered by then President Bill Clinton. He displayed a spaghetti plate network of squiggly lines to indicate to his constituents that the proposal was just the kind of government bureaucracy that he and his ilk came to Washington to destroy.

Avoiding large bureaucracy is almost impossible. Streamlining bureaucracy is possible as proven by the Clinton administration during the 1990s, when that office under the supervision of then Vice President Al Gore, cut nearly 400,000 government positions during his tenure, and maintained and even strengthened our government’s abilities.
We are the government. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. In government all are accountable. That doesn’t mean all get caught for mismanagement and corruption, but all in the public trust are in one way or another, at some time eventually, accountable. That is a huge difference between government and the private sector. Secondly; one’s goal is to make money, the other’s goal is to meet the goal as public servants.

One excellent definition of a Democratic government is: “ . . the coming together of people or groups of people, to accomplish as a whole what they could not, or would not , as individuals or as groups of individuals.” This describes a power that has made America strong and beneficial for most for two centuries. Anyone who can agree with that the premise within this definition, must then realize that everything we are doing in terms of our health care delivery, is not working. It is a proven failure and individuals and groups of individuals have consistently failed to change the system.

So we use the power of our government once, again as in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and a basket of other programs designed because their needs could not be met without the democratically combined power of the whole of nation. We can use this power once again to create a universal health care payment and delivery system which covers every citizen.

This process is best defined as a “Single Payer System.” One payer in one location with one agent for a case, one check for a doctor, one payment for a hospital. No quibbles, no bickering, no thousands of lawyers to litigate their way out of their employers promises. Pharmaceuticals acquired wholesale for the best possible price to the taxpayers. Inspectors in every city and most small cities, ready to catch provider based fraud such as over billing and over treatment. The price gouging will stop, no more aluminum canes for $49.99, no more $8,000 hospital fitted reclining beds that don’t talk. A man with a esophageal ulcer won’t get an MRI, he’ll get an optical scan, and his heartburn pills won’t cost him $18, probably only $2. Clinics can be built by the thousands, specializing in preemptive healthcare, and birth to death maintenance of the body. The clinics alone will eventually save billions of dollars over the old system. An irony is, these cost saving measures on the provider side, are all the kinds of “suggestions,” health insurance companies have been peddling to providers for decades, and having success. Would you rather have your accountable government chose how to save your own money (your taxes), or have some secret coalition of health insurance companies influence those cuts, you may or may not notice the next time you go to your doctor or the local hospital? The cuts under a Single Payer system would be readily announced and even voted upon by a council appointed by the president and approved by congress. Cuts by the insurance companies are secretive, creeping deceptively, and only allow them to make more money. Private insurance premiums never go down, so the savings are the executive’s alone.

Visit to learn more and become a part of the struggle for real universal health care.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Politcal Parties Not Always Party Poopers

We Americans must accept that we have political parties and that we should find our party based upon our ideals and stick with it for awhile. Since early in our nation’s political history, partisanship has been here to stay. We must learn to grow with it, changing it from within, and enjoying its victories, and learning from its losses.
In the beginning we were not supposed to have political parties. In fact the framers spoke of the demerits of party politics in the few years before drafting a constitution. But within fifteen years of adopting our Constitution, the congress broke-off into two camps, or “parties,” and the presidential and gubernatorial candidates followed behind. Former loyalists (to the King) became the Whigs, and revolutionaries became the Federalists. The Whigs favored a strictly republic form of government with little to no citizenship representation or decision making. The Federalists favored a republic but wanted representative democracy. Thus formed the popular terms and then form parties: the Republican and the Democratic parties. Today the party conventions, primary elections, party officers both local and national, are all inventions which are not mandated in the Articles of Confederation which lay-out the architecture of our government.
We have all heard it or even said it before; “there’s no difference between the parties, they’re both a bunch of corrupt crooks and money hungry (etc..).” The statement reflects an ignorance of what is really going on. Those parties and those representatives within are no more corrupt, no more crooks, than the members of your own family, or if not, the family next door to you. Sometimes they can’t balance their check book. Sometimes the infighting is so bad, the car has to pull over off the road for the ruckus to settle. Sometimes they grow so fat and lethargic and glutinous that it becomes obvious and members must be expelled. The founders were right about the congress, its alive, its reflective of our citizenship and its no better or worse than you or I.
The parties also, each have a philosophy to be followed. Sometimes the philosophy is not written but can be examined and defined from a distance. The best way to determine a political party’s philosophy is to study their actions – as is the case with all of us, i.e. “we are what we have done.”
It is understood that there will always be two parties of merit able strength in American politics. In actuality, in most politics around the world, especially where some form of democracy is in place, a single body comprised of individual entities will form-up into legions that have coalesced into two formations.
In nature; bi symmetry is found in almost all life forms. There are not life forms where, for instance, the Democratic Party female, mates with a Republican Party male, and then an Independent and a Green Party Senator must join in to complete the process. In all warm blooded reproduction on Earth there are two phases to fertilization, the forming process (the body politic comes together), and the addition from outside of a fertilization body into the formation (a legislative act, a bill, a need, a demand).
Accept there should be two. Know that two camps of everything is natural. For example; vote for your Green Party candidates with devotion, disregarding what ever is happening in the major parties, and you really do throw away your vote. But, you also reverse the progress of a natural process that has evolved over the years. In the future, one party, or three, or four parties, will eventually be two again. Don’t put American citizens through the growing process of failed representation, all over again.
Currently in divided American party politics, one party is filled with followers who require leadership to follow, to hear its party dogma from, and to absorb that dogma into their psyche. This is one of many generalizations of the Republican Party.
The constituents who support this party are hard working, blue collar and white collar middle to lower class peoples. They are more likely to occupy the land area away from the major cities (where people live densely together they vote Democratic). They are less likely to have the time to spend investigating media reports of what politicians are doing, or which ones are responsible for what actions. They do have the time to listen to am radio in their vehicles, either at work, or driving to or from work. Since 1987 when the Ronald Reagan administration released all broadcast radio and television stations and owners from responsibility to follow an 70 years old law requiring all political opinion or campaigning be balanced with opposition, the Fairness in Broadcasting Act, religions and conservative ownership immediately moved into those markets and suddenly politically Conservative and Christian right-wing fundamentalists began owning large chunks of middle American market. The blue and white collar middle and lower working classes who really only had time to get their media from the radio in the care, could now hear Rush Limbaugh all over the country, without hearing an opposition viewpoint.
The other party proceeds slower but with more detail, more complexity, seeing and preparing for more contingencies. The members of this party base their judgments on what they have seen, or what they have read from those who make it their life’s career to know the related subjects. This is the Democratic Party and they are sort of a free pastoral range herd of independent and critical thinkers. A herd that refuses to follow a leader in any procession towards any matter they themselves have not investigated to full understanding. As disorganized as this may seem, their goals are more closely related than is first perceived. Each of them is facing toward their goal together and it’s a long term goal, with big solutions, permanent fixes to age old problems. Their goals have something else in common; for any numerous reasons, over the many years and decades, the people have not be able to reach these numerous goals themselves.
I challenge anyone reading this opinion article to disprove the following generalization which I feel accurately describes the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties:
Under Republicans
Man Exploits Man.
Under Democrats
It’s the Opposite.
This statement could be disproved by searching for legislation advocated for almost exclusively by the modern Republican party (post Civil Rights Act 1968) which does not contain provisions allowing the further, or easier, or newly created exploitation of workers, of consumers, or of immigrants, or of public servants. Go ahead look it up. The Republican party of today throws in something for the big corporations to exploit, in almost all legislation. They fight Democratic party legislation that seeks to aid and assist workers and consumers, to live better and to have equal opportunity. So, Democratic Party members and supporters seek to reverse exploitation, and Republican Party members seek to allow the exploitation of men by other men.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Hard Drives in Space: the Ultimate Long Term Data Storage Solution

Hard Drives in Space (announced with a large ambient echo) might be the ultimate in long term reliable data storage for the people. Behemoth satellites can be built with principle of design for duration, for capacity, for durability, and for access from any Earth bound users.
As we see our planet reach closer towards an ends, either by war violently, by viral plague, or catastrophic geologic and or climate change, we must consider our data and what is to be the fate of all that we have done digitally. What is to become of those novels on Microsoft Word, you worked so hard on. What about those two hundred family photos you would like to keep. How about all that email you have saved for ten years? What about that 30,000 image collection of women’s naked butts you spent years downloading in your office with the lights out? There is no need for the capacity in hard drives in space to be restricted to a certain few for example the military, and government, and for that reason Hard Drives in Space must be a combined government and private citizen’s endeavor.
The satellites (as vessels for protection, maintenance of orbit, and routing upload and download streams) must be high enough in orbit not to degrade and burn up, ever. The protection from meteors and meteorites and micro-meteors must be primary in the design. A steel triple hull of the type some modern oil tankers are now using would be adequate. Sophisticated security programs must police the integrity of everyone’s data for centuries to come, assuring users that their own data will never be deleted to make room for someone else’s. Several (perhaps six) should be built and launched in the same time period. But only one uploaded to working capacity at a time. A satellite over an opposite hemisphere should function as a replicate data copy for the first. A full drive can be moved into an even higher orbit, or even sent to a lunar orbit for added safety.
Again; Hard Drives in Space, is not necessarily for our selfish use, but primarily to preserve and pass-along human history, human endeavor, and human pictures of Janet Jackson’s right nipple and record of other time consuming totally hedonistic and voyeuristic activities. In the far future there will be archeologists roaming about Earth or traveling through this solar system called “Sol.” Perhaps they will be humans who’s ancestors originated from Earth. But we can assure that they do not just find a planet of water and dust, of crumpled ruins resembling piles of rock, and all metals turned to reddish brown piles of rust. We can assure they have access to all that was us, every thought a human of our time may have had, every pleasure, every disappointment and so on.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Out of Room – We Should Dump on the Moon!

It's reasonable to expect that one day we'll be up to our necks in garbage and desperate to put our waste somewhere else. Naturally we’ll want that somewhere to be “not in my backyard,” and that category will one day soon cover the entire planet. We’ll want the somewhere to be where our waste will never harm any living thing, as it has many of us over the many years. We may want to remove the waste we have already dumped and add it to the export. Its inevitable; burying what’s left of our garbage after recycling will no longer be an option sooner than we might think. On average each American uses 4.5 pounds of waste per day. Our nation buries 229 MILLION pounds of garbage per year (each of these rates only increase – where recycling has only slowed the rate, the problem sill grows). This is only the “municipal waste,” a.k.a. the stuff you put in a can at your curbside, which only represents about %20 of the entire flow all waste materials in the U.S. per year. Exporting and importing waste has become practically a trading commodity by governors and state waste commissioners. New York toped the list recently with 4.5 million tons shipped out, on trains, and on barges.

The raw human energy and the carbon monoxide smog, and the fossil fuel involved in disposal of all of the waste in our country is immeasurable, but be assured, this would be a huge and troubling number. Another immeasurable consideration is the workers, faced with the ill health effects of spending forty hours per week breathing in everything from carcinogens released from industrial and household containers, to large amounts of methane, and petrol carbons from the vehicles they work on or near.

What do we humans do? We are literally piling our problems and sweeping them under the rug of the Earth. Do we all start wearing artificial lungs on our backs? Do we convert our largest landfills into ski slopes, fall-out shelters, hang gliding launches? Sure, in the interim, that’ll be fun. But a long term solution is needed:

There it is above us. The Moon, or “our moon.” Staring us in the face. That gray and lifeless chunk of rock that may have broken off from our planet a billion years ago. Radioactive. Without atmosphere. Too hot in the sun. Way too cold on the dark side. Any dessert landscape on Earth is more attractive to look at , than this moonscape of shades of grayness. If we were one day to establish a moon colony, complete with residential homes (or survival bubbles?), the families residing there would go nuts and kill each other or leave within months, having realized their big mistake. It might be a good place for a giant Death Ray to protect us from Socialists and alien invaders from the planet Mexico (formerly Mars). The point is made that the moon isn’t worth much in a non science fiction context.

Let us send our waste there. All of our waste there. Lets use the waste up there, to begin a hydrogen atmosphere, largely of methane, and unbreathable matter, but in the future the possibility could exists that this atmosphere could be altered and repaired, and sustain life, plants only at first. (scientific advancements will be flying off the shelves during and after having achieved the moon-waste project).

We would build and design an efficient launch to get our waste into space. Perhaps a tether and elevator system between a low orbit space station to reach shuttles that would be docked and waiting loading. On inauguration day we can ship Rush Limbaugh to begin the new waste pile. A single burst of fuel can send a shuttle on its way to moon orbit within days. The dumping shuttle would be remote controlled by a waste manager’s station on the surface.
The garbage would be dumped strategically to form an artistic pattern to display back towards Earth. A resident artist will reside at the moon manager’s station to direct the art-work. Several artists will win a chance to reside and to contribute their vision over the course of more than two generations. This artistic creation will have been one of the large selling points to the people of Earth that will have paid for the project. The finished canvas of color by design will face the people of Earth for nearly eternity. It will be a reminder of this first generation, to thousands of generations to come, of those who first chose to dump their garbage on the moon and recreate its surface into something magnificent, efficient, and beautiful.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cognitive Dissonance Around 9/11 Questions is Understandable

Cognitive Dissonance is a state of mind a person experiences the moment he or she realizes that their well held beliefs, or physical perceptions of the world, are directly challenged by new information which is contrary to these beliefs or perceptions. Actually, the new information is shocking. The subject basically freaks-out upon hearing or seeing the unbelievable (sometimes this is but a brief moment) and immediately will concoct justifications or even lies to defend his or her beliefs or perceptions.
A relatively few people are hearing the conspiracy theory that certain elements within the Bush administration may have been involved in planning and carrying out the Nine Eleven attacks. These relatively few people are using the defensive mechanism of cognitive dissonance. They are few because the major media are also experiencing cognitive dissonance and therefore not covering the issue.
An extreme but too common example of this challenge to the mind, is the wife who discovers that her husband is sexually molesting their daughter. The brain of the wife and mother launches into a strong defense mechanism of cognitive dissonance. She’ll convince herself she saw something else. She’ll convince herself her husband would never ever do such a thing. These rationalizations will seem perfectly reasonable to her and allow her to continue in her life without having a nervous breakdown, or murdering her husband.
There is a mountain of evidence that the Nine Eleven attacks were not solely, if at all, the result of twenty Arab hijackers. The physical evidence and the undeniable coincidences that implicate our own government are too many for a reasonable person to ignore. Still, many do, many upon hearings these amazing facts and questions without answers (that reasonably should have answers) immediately begin their own cognitive dissonance. I have been told that “those who think the government would have done this are just sick!”
Conspiracy is a word that should not be equated with irrational thinking, or wild ideas, or paranoid delusions. Conspiracy only takes two people at minimum keeping a secret about a plan. An easy measure to accomplish when considering the history of the United States government what’s conspiracies include, but certainly are not limited to; the Boston Tea Party, the wooden one man submarine the USS Turtle, the small pox blankets given to native Americans, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana harbor, the Cuban Bay of Pigs assault, the Gulf of Tonkin Vietnamese “attack,” the Tuskegee STD live experiments, the assassination with a “magic bullet” from a single shooter of John F. Kennedy, the Nixon “Plumbers,” the Reagan Iran hostage secret deal and the corresponding Iran Contra arms for hostages illegal dealings, the Mellon-Scaiffe backed framing of Bill Clinton throughout the nineteen nineties.
These and all conspiracies have several factors in common:
  • Their goals would not have been legally permissible or publicly palatable if conducted openly.
  • Each covers-up the truth. Deception is the foundation of its existence. In uncovering each conspiracy there is one truth and there is one conspiracy, but one can become the other, if the truth seekers are successful.
  • The goals are determined to be worth significant cost and risk to those conspiring to carry out the actions.
  • Often carrying through is deemed worth the loss of life of innocents. The ends justifies the means.
  • No conspiracy is perfect. All are found to be suspicious by someone, either during the actions, or in the months and years following the actions. All leave clues.
  • Disclosure of suspicions of all conspiracies always meet with disbelief from reasonable people.
  • Prior to planning, the accomplishment of the goal is thought to be unlikely by those involved. This dismay is the motivating factor for secretive human manipulation of circumstances towards the desired goal. This doubt of the realistic lingers with the conspiracy for an indeterminate number of years.
  • Every conspiracy begins with the desires of one person. A large or greatly influencing goal is always supported by power and money or both.
  • Never is a conspiracy learned in full, or in part, by anyone with involvement, who does not have a need to know. Each will use unknowing participants when possible.
A great protection for a conspiracy’s principle actors is the ever present and reliable cognitive dissonance of the public. “Oh hell Winston, we’ve nothing to worry about! They’ll never believe it old boy!”
In the example in paragraph three (above) of a woman who is in denial (cognitive dissonance) that her daughter is being molested by her husband, cognitive dissonance could be broken down. But it would take radical actions. Someone would have to tie the mother up to a kitchen chair, tie the husband the same across from her. Make him confess aloud using a red-hot spatula. Then shake and slap the mother until she breaks down and cries and hopefully she shouts profanities and spits at her scumbag husband sitting across from her.
But how does the public get awoken from its slumber of cognitive dissonance? Repetition of consumable messages of short length in the media is the only way. Even little tid-bits of doubt, broadcast outward like grass seed that might not sow, might not sprout, but is broadcast anyway to be there just in case. When the public turns its busy head, perhaps in a quiet moment, the seeds of doubt will be there and truth will sow into the soil and begin its long journey to the forefront of the mainstream thoughts.
Why question this government’s official story of the events of Nine Eleven? Do it because of the incredible weight that this event has. The weight of this event versus all others in our history, or in the history of all governments and societies. Weightier than the J.F.K assassination, heavier in relevance than the Bay of Pigs secret revolution attempt, a boulder in importance to the grain of sand that was Iran Contra, or Watergate, or Gulf of Tonkin, sinking the Maine and etc.. For those events don’t threaten the integrity and existence of a nation. Those events didn’t begin a series of irrational war related decisions, killing and wounding tens of thousands more people who certainly would not have died otherwise.
Nine Eleven was a horrific event and it is not a surprise that the great majority of Americans want to put it behind them. But the event is so impacting, so life changing that if one or two questions remain, they should be answered. If the event was planned and carried out from within our government, than that fact would make the event a thousand times more impacting, more weighty, more important in its scope. Given that, each question is also a thousand times more important.
Far too many clues were left behind on Nine Eleven Two Thousand and One. Do not discount that as few as twenty people might have conducted this horror with full knowledge, but they could have used their power and money to involve as many two hundred others who unwittingly took part, whose careers or possibly even their lives were threatened by people perfectly capable of carrying through. Do not discount the power and ability of righteous indignation, religious fervor, extreme patriotism “for the good of the nation a few must die!” While investigating facts around the Nine Eleven events do not forget the tried and true axiom: The Ends Justifies the Means, because this phrase exemplifies the ability of the mind to rationalize, and to possibly do something awful.
Ignore the questions and accept the presidential appointed commissions answers and live comfortably with that knowledge and you may be allowing a heinous and massively important crime to go undiscovered. You may be allowing the next group of righteously indignant, power and money hungry conspirators, to get away with a similar crime in the future.
I won’t write about Nine Eleven conspiracy in any detail. That kind of exploration is best done on one’s own initiative. Suffice to say there are literally hundreds of reasonable questions to be answered. Many are questions that confront physical impossibilities offered by our government as explanations by the Nine Eleven Commission.
One good non-profit organization's website to start with is The Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission, and their: Unanswered Questions page: