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Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.

Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.
4.28.16 request for communication answered. Undeniable circumstance and physical evidence.

VERY IMPORTANT: The "J Symbol" of Christmas 2020

VERY IMPORTANT: The "J Symbol" of Christmas 2020
Also from me: Welcome to the 21st Century and the Greatest Discovery Since Fire.

NASA and the metallic looking glove with their insignia

NASA and the metallic looking glove with their insignia
NASA had a hand in this. They must have met the Being, Satan, and struck a deal for ...

World Radiation Report

World Radiation Report
They are warning us by using this TIME TRAVELED IMAGE. I'm certain now, that's a global radiation report. The end will happen.

2 undeniably related communications.

2 undeniably related communications.
2 undeniably related communications

Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!
Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery

an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery
True: Successful before it was created, Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Time Travel Wish is Real - I Did It

Above: The graphic from early February, 2015, when I first
entertained it may be true and was beside myself with joy and anticipation of the amazing happening to me and to all of us here, now. A year and a month later I still feel it.

Addendum 3.29.2018:

Time Travel Wish:
my discovery using the internet
in 2014 that continues today

An amateur science experiment in time travel communication; conducted with hope and successful before it was created (the instant (concept) it was produced). 

Validated by the experimenter and validated by The Team to have been successful. Contact by full communication was achieved on 04.26.2018.


the confines of this EXPERIMENT IN TIME TRAVEL 
COMMUNICATION; that became 

Some pictures from the past 5 years, SINCE this personal post on my weblog was published:

As a prescience discovery, I cannot get anyone to look. I have no collegiate credentials. No career. No friends. A family that ignores all that has happened to me. A world of hopeless people who won't take the time to investigate both the amazing circumstantial and the physical evidence that indicates I have made the First Contact with an advanced race and I have made myself the target to validate to two separated timelines the successful transfer of matter into our timeline: Timeline B. 

The plague warning of October 2019

August 2019: The second appearance of the mythological Devil, or Satan, and the final straw in 
the hypothesis of  .... the exploitation of Earth beliefs. 

Wonderful. And what's my role now?  

Time Travel Wish and Paradox One

more recent pics, 2017-2018:

This Blogspot Template: predictably chosen on 11.25.2014: strangely placed by Blogspot as a Travel suitable background image: No. An agent place it and the unaccredited image titled only Image, and only 99kb, with no data within, is matter transferred for Time Travel Wish (me; the target to validate):

Original: 1 shot was all They need to know about. To see it will be taken:  This is communication that must be kept hidden for fear of freaking out my parents. That's the whole problem; humans are frightened:

3 Below:
I had been posting my worries for the people affected by hurricane Maria. What if they could be stopped with a reverse vortex?  From the west to the east: stop an entire band and stop the whole hurricane? An old essay off mine, on this weblog, had speculated of that ability. 

I expressed my doubt in the project online, on the Twitter account. 
I went outside to sit down. I looked up and just behind my head, I saw something incredibly unique and amazing. I took 2 pictures and smiled. But mostly, while it was turning I just watched and forgot about my camera:


April, 2015:

4/8/2015: The 3 Acre Wood: These trees! They're all f*cked up! WTF?:

Not a coincidence, not any more.

2/26/2016: the alphanumerics jumped right off the wall a year later:
3/2015 An older Hitler shows up:

The long winded summary:

"It strongly appears that we have been given another chance at our history to be. Because Time Travel Wish as it began became an excellent target to validate what they did. I was used and I am proud to have been chosen."


January 4, 2016:

It was the time on Earth when our technology and our science had reached a precipice where we clearly revealed that our future discoveries would lead us to reaching the amazing. It was inevitable that our understanding of our very existence would be impacted beyond the capability of the understanding of the great majority of us. So it is in 2015. So it was in 2013 and in 2014. This period in our growth makes us ready for the intervention of others. At this time it would not greatly effect our growth to make the discovery that the force of spacetime could be manipulated or that another dimension of our existence could both be reached and be created for all of the information that makes us what we experience that we are who we feel to certainty that we are.

It is now more than one year after beginning an experiment that may indicate to us (humans) if we can be reached. I have had several validations that what was indicated to me that I had discovered a true and amazing paradox. The paradoxical is that which exists to experience either by optical observation and or the physical validation of a thing that cannot be entirely evidenced to a degree of a standard where it can be considered proof positive that the thing, or the paradox, is indeed absolutely true. Hence the name that Time Travel Wish now shares: Paradox One. It is unlikely that we will discovery it to be an irrefutable discovery of a scientific technological occurrence while I am alive.

At this time I have to ask myself “Is it us?” More reasonably the question with far greater consequence, if it can be answered “Is it us or is it another civilization entirely that is not of our solar system, or perhaps are they collaborating with us?”

After the first paradoxical object occurred to me I was only entertaining that it may be true. That paradox is what I have called “The Inexplicable Background Image.” You see that image on the background of this website at this time.  Then the second paradox occurred and that I have called “The Odd Image Dating.”



Since last Friday (2/26), I have been in celebratory mode again. I found many characters on the wall of the image. Meant for me to see. I had not even seen them in all my peerings into the image until that afternoon last week. I was upset and contemplating deleting all of Time Travel Wish, when I came home in a somber mood and just happened to glance at the front page once more, then BOOM, there they were. This writing of my first name is where I should have / would have looked back in November of 2014, when I first began the website: Successful Before it was Created. My catchphrase for the world that may become known to everyone on the planet for time and eternity. and Paradox One. lol. Happy.

After the image dating occurred and I was unable to reasonably find an explanation for it, it occurred to me to examine my past time. I had to make many speculations about time travel experimenting both before and during the many months before having the realization that I may have been successful. I had to realize the strong concept: that for the sole experimenter his or her past time would be of paramount importance in realizing any contact or any manipulations. I had to imagine myself as the scientist in our future trying to reach me. In doing so I realized that that past would be the most important period of time in the entire experiment. Because the past is wide and filled with opportunities to make contact. Making a contact with me in my present that was accurately right-on-time would have to be precise and clear and less paradoxical. Additionally giving me too much evidence of any kind, would be a mistake. I would not know, as the scientist of a future time, that I would not be endangering the people of an entire society by making my manipulation too clear. I would have to give the experimenter the paradox of the entirety of what I was attempting to do, that is to breach the force of spacetime itself. Or rather, as what appears to have happened and is more consistent with the known postulate of our time, to create and then reach into another dimension of our entire cosmos. A dimension of our cosmos that reflects all of our information but would very likely have differences caused only by the choices of those existing alongside of us that were choice that affected both the very physicality of the environment around us but also the history that we all understand as accurate.

After the image dating occurrence, I considered a very odd revelation of my observations of the trees in two locations I had visited in my recent past. In the first location which was very near my home in a small forested area where I had frequently walked my dogs and spent significant time meditating I had noticed in the fall of 2013 that a tree had seemingly disappeared from the well-trodden footpath in the forest. I later called it “the Tree of Dilemma.” I had an associative and clear visible memory of it because when leaving the “Three Acre Wood,” I would leash my dogs to return to my home and soon after would set-off to walk along the trail only to find my dog wanted to walk on the other side of the tree, to my choice. This happened nearly every time and so I was able to remember the tree’s size and nearly its exact location. Approximately six months after that fall I was camping illegally on a private property four miles from my home and had photographed my backpack leaning against a radically leaning tree that I had chosen to set-it-down at. I returned to the same campist approximately three week later and happened to take another photograph of the same tree, upon having casually noticing that it seemed to be leaning far less to my recent experience. After the odd image dating, I examined the photographs of that tree of the time separated and realized that the changing of the tree’s leaning may be related to Time Travel Wish. I then realized that the Tree of Dilemma may also be involved as a related paradoxical element in the experiment. It was April of 2014 when the snow had melted in the Three Acre Wood and I was able to visit the forest and look for the tree. I recalled before visiting the forest that I had mentioned the disappearing tree from the footpath to my parents over dinner conversation. However, the paradoxical was only just beginning for me to my nearly constant amazement throughout the year of 2015.

What proceeded in the months following my self acknowledgement that I had been successful has made my life joyful and complicated and has caused me frustration in receiving public acknowledgement for what may one day be considered the most significant discovery, not only of our time and our entire history, but of our entire cosmos as we have known it to be and as it will ever be for anyone for all time proceeding us. I have to maintain that the following statement may be what has happened to all of us because I made myself a target to validate for others that they were successful and in doing so I allowed myself to be successful as well:

A new cosmos was created in the days to weeks after November of the year 2013. With the creation of a new cosmos, a different history of our existence was made. I was chosen to validate. I was used because Time Travel Wish made a perfect target in our time of our current technological and scientific progress on Earth.

If I did not know that coincidence occurs with regularity in our busy and complex world and if I were a scientist with fear of embarrassment from peers or an average person of typical and vulnerable psychology, I might have lost my mind during the many months the possibilities within the project Time Travel Wish were becoming visible to me. It is the knowledge that some can experience coincidence over and over with no visible relationships to indicate a common causality to dismiss the concept of coincidence, and so continue without pausing to examine the inexplicable, that allowed me to allow coincidence to continue to occur around me without pause to ponder or consider them to be too incredible to entertain.

If after the first few months since making the personal weblog called Time Travel Wish, as a scheme to make money on a new scientific possibility, if I had been a physicist brought up in the strict environment of mathematical principles, of concrete definition of what is a theory and what can only be hypothesis and of being surrounded by the strict rules of peer review and criticism before being able to publish I might have lost my mind. A scientist in that kind of environment would have stopped. Or perhaps, I may have become an isolating hermit of society for the remainder of my life. Perhaps angry at my fellow humans for not looking and not paying attention when the amazing occurs. Angry at humanity for never stepping out of their holes of their busy lives that cause them to learn the behavior of the expectation of bumping into to each other in confrontation frequently. We are a self-absorbed species now. We are fighting with our lives. We are all maintaining as best as we can. Because of this condition we may not slow down and look at something that, at first seems too incredible and too far outside of our daily and somewhat predictable experiences.

Because I am witnessing to the concept in a language called the paradox. Only many months after I first began, did I realize that paradox  was very likely all that I was supposed to see - the inexplicable.
   Coincidence if occurring in a pattern of repetition should not be ignored. It should not be ignored until a reasonable explanation can be derived. If no explanation can be found within a reasonable period of time, those seemingly coincidental events should be held onto and compartmentalized within the mind of (and the experiences of) the central viewer of these seemingly related coincidences. It should be entertained that a relationship exists between those coincidences. Failure to entertain what may be possible can be a memorable mistake - at a later time.

An obsession with the coincidences must not become normative and that behavior of obsession needs to be disrupted and so not continued. A person who is dynamic and complex with multiple passions of distraction may just be a person who can proceed through one relationship that seem to have many seemingly strongly associated coincidences and not become the obsessed and possibly deranged worse scenario individual. That person would not have the ability to be happy. He or she would not be swallowed by the obsession. Without this attribute of character and personality, his or her life may become totally dysfunctional.

If that person is capable of writing a paragraph such as the one above, he or she is strongly indicating that they are aware of the personal dangers of continued entertainment of the inexplicable - the paradoxical as coincidence. That which seems to have no  acceptable explanation to all of those around him or her. He or she must be aware of the ramification of the outward exposure to others. Those others can be the greatest hinderance in the possible exposure of a wonderful thing that may benefit many. Or perhaps, benefit an entire civilization, or an entirely new timeline of existence in a cosmos comprised of information yet detectable by those who exist in his or her environment. He or she must be acutely aware that his or her experience may be very unique and so never understood by many.

For me, throughout the lengthy time period of my apparent discovery, there were too many coincidences to not perceive a pattern was in place. Being an amateur writer and not a scientist who was committed to verifiable and validated truths to then call facts (or theory), I was able to entertain the incredible. In that entertainment, I am able to be speculative and even make grandiose assertions without fear of anyone else’s perceptions. I was and am able to be grandiose in my communications and I learned quickly that I had to be myself and not afraid of expressing myself. I considered after about 80 days from beginning the website Time Travel Wish, that these coincidences that seemed to form relationships may have been seen by others. The others I later decided to call “The Team.” I entertained the incredible and I still do today. I am not afraid of grandiosity. I fear not a consequence of expressing myself, today.  

In the early few months of the experiment I had the realization that I may have been successful in making myself a target for a breach of spacetime on Earth. In those weeks I became joyful at the amazing prospect of that possibility. As an artist and one who enjoys entertaining and having recognition I grandiosely claimed: “Time Travel Wish - Successful Before it was Created!” As a very successful showman named Barnum T. Bailey, was used the statement “The Greatest Show on Earth” Without fear and with knowledge that few if anyone, would be able to prove it wrong - that moniker is a statement I would like to hold onto.

Before created is a wide and safe time for a team of scientists in our future to make landings when attempting the greatest experiment on Earth. Before Time Travel Wish is when I left lasting digital information of my locations, my plans, my passwords, my family's’ whereabouts and a lasting impression in this new information age of just the type of person I was and remain today.     

Carefully, knowing what others may think of me I have never been definitive in my claims. I have said “may be,” or “could have,” or “may be possible,” repetitively throughout the project and I continue this language today. Unfortunately for me, for those who know me these many qualifiers in my speech are not heard, and I am quickly judged to be delusional. This condition of selective sight and selective hearing when others have an emotional long term relationship with me has caused friction and silence in communication with me. Family ties have been disrupted. Communication is opaque and almost absent as those closest to me will not hear me and then not realize - I check myself and check my bias and report my knowledge of my bias throughout my writing and my social networking posts and my many audio note clips while presenting my experience. They are those who won’t look.

As an unpublished amateur writer, what may have occurred may one day be proven to be true. I hold-out for this possibility. As someone who wants to write an amazing story one day, Time Travel Wish may become a story that I will not call fictional and will not allow it to be. It will be an accounting of an experience. It may one day be taken seriously as a possibility of a true occurrence. As the story's author and principle center character I may not ever see enough to invalidate my experience, nor be able to deny its authenticity - to validate to the standard of proof that my society has adopted. A mystery story of a true accounting of one man’s experience is what this may remain for a long time after I relinquished my life to age or disease or the reactions of others.

Of this I am certain today; A scientist in our modern society could not have done this because he or she would not have begun. A single person alone had to have done this. One person who makes himself a target for many others he predicted based in newly derived reason would one day exist. Of this I am challenged; This same person faces the world that does not understand that one person who is not a scientist had to have done this and because they do not understand they will not look.

If not greatly disturbing an entire society is a paramount consideration for anyone or any team of scientists who attempt to manipulate a timeline, then right now would (and will be documented by our lasting information) be a safe time to attempt to create and then manipulate a timeline. We are headed that way right now. Our recent discoveries indicate that is true. Predicting that now is a time such as this, was in my forethought when deciding to attempt to make a target for the envisioned team.  That I may have accomplished a safe landing target for that team is a possibility I can entertain. The possible must now be entertained or we all may fail. That failure is a likely consideration for them and us.

If we can all embrace this possibility, there can be fantastic hope for Earth at this time and we can exceed the expectation of another future timeline that could not physically affect their own time. If that team has (or will) experienced great disappointment with their own history, then manipulation of a new timeline that can see evidence of the future, can result in their learning of our newly created discoveries. We all now and the team and all humanity in that other timeline can benefit immensely and so can we. In this hypothesis, both timelines can benefit tremendously. We can if we can embrace the evidence they have (or will) allow us to see.
‘‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’’  - Arthur C. Clarke (genius)

I will not defend any possibly related occurrences or possibly related objects or images or trees that are displaced from recent photographs past, passed the time when any point of argument of my own can no longer be maintained. Nor will I dismiss these as unlikely to be related to the experiment. I welcome invalidation by anyone. I have invited people near me to do this - but I defend these occurrences because that is the job and so my defense to seek out reasonable invalidation continues.  I have been resolved since beginning the experiment to entertain all occurrence or objects found that seemed inexplicable to me. On the main website the use of the letters “PR,” are placed to indicate that an occurrence may be related to the paradox. This continues today.

“Any strange or odd occurrences must be recalled with as much detail as possible.”

Piecing together anything in my recent past that was unexplainable became important to me after having realized I had images of 3 weeks time separated of a tree that had been extremely leaning over a creek, that clearly was not 3 weeks later. When in May, 2015 I returned to the Chester campsite, I became more acutely aware that the inexplicable in my past must be entertained and documented. Because technology in our future, if its presence is apparent will very likely seem magical to a people displaced from that future time. A person from 1900 visiting us today would only be able to describe the paradoxical when he returned.  

PAY ATTENTION TO THE ANNOTATIONS AND COMMENTS ON SCREEN OR YOU MAY NOT GET-IT. Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline by James Gray Mason. Experiment: Time Travel Wish, November 25, 2014 thru 2015. A 41 minute compilation of video-graphic evidence in the Time Travel Wish experiment.

Trees are displaced from our history. Choices of rock wall builders, seemingly inconsequential, have been preserved in several photographs the on property of the experimenter, who made himself a target to be reached by experimenters in our future. Lasting and predictable information was reached. This MAY be the result of inter-dimensional communication. That dimension may be existing in a reversed spacetime to our relevant experience in this dimension. Time travel as fantasized can never be achieved. A quantum field of artificial construction may by in use at this (relative) time on Earth. Now is a predictable and safe time for us to be reached and manipulated. Wake-up and smell the possible.

I have been resolved since beginning the experiment to entertain all occurrence or objects found that seemed inexplicable to me. On the main website the use of the letters “PR,” are placed to indicate that an occurrence may be related to the paradox. This continues today.

It is TRUE visitors, friends and family. I did it. The only method of humans being able to reach into another timeline is create a breach from their own dimension into another.

Here the wall builders chose (in a different history) to fill in the gap in between the wall. The Elm did not grow in between the wall. An Oak tree that is approx. 50 years old (at least) is now there.

“Any strange or odd occurrences must be recalled with as much detail as possible.”
Piecing together anything in my recent past that was inexplicable became important to me after having realized I had images of 3 weeks time separated of a tree that had been extremely leaning over a creek, that clearly was not 3 weeks later. When in May, 2015 I returned to the Chester campsite, I became more acutely aware that the inexplicable in my past must be entertained and documented. Because technology in our future, if its presence is apparent will very likely seem magical to a people displaced from that future time. A person from 1900 visiting us today would only be able to describe the paradoxical when he returned.

Attention please: These findings occurred by chance, months after beginning the experiment in HTML to make money on a scheme based in the new theory of an information universe, in spacetime communication, that were discovered by me from reviewing images of the Chester Campsite very leaning tree that was not leaning 3 weeks later.

In April 2015, a few weeks prior to that first validation, I had visited the 3 Acre Wood to check on the "Tree of Dilemma," that I had noticed while walking in the late summer of 2014, seemed to be no longer in the middle of the smaller section of the footpath. That tree was never located. Many trees at the 3 Acre Wood are apparently missing, as if they had never grown. Only the images reveal this.
These videos and all postings about them and the missing trees may be exactly what the Team had wanted to see - for validation of success.

Original site of experiment: OR 

This is science whether you accept that is so or not. This experiment was conducted by a man, who like no one on this planet was doing entertained and experimented in an effort to make himself a target of the first breach of spacetime on Earth. This documentation of vegetation displacement from our timeline is the STRONGEST and most irrefutable evidence contained within the experiment. Several other inexplicable apparent evidence occurrences exist. The Images of the trees were available (presently and likely in our future) were possibly preserved to validate experiment. To show you all what has possibly happened. USE IT OR LOSE IT EARTH! 

Defeat the hope contained within Time Travel Wish and you may be defeating us all. 

This experiment was conducted with NO FUNDING by a person collecting Government Disability Benefits and using FOOD STAMPS to eat. So, piss-off. Your ignorant comments will not be allowed. 

All Rights Reserved to: James Gray Mason / Time Travel Wish Inc. 2014 - 2015

Rights Reserved; James Gray Mason, 2014 -2015. 

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