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Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.
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VERY IMPORTANT: The "J Symbol" of Christmas 2020

VERY IMPORTANT: The "J Symbol" of Christmas 2020
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NASA and the metallic looking glove with their insignia
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2 undeniably related communications.
2 undeniably related communications

Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!
Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

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an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery
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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Voter Testing Now for Smarter Governing

I have a rational fear of masses of dumb people electing horrible candidates who destroy what I love of the United States of America.

After Bush, Trump, and Brexit, it's a good time to discuss an idea that's time may have come: 

Please, take it seriously, and never as an inherited and taken as granted?

voter testing, if it has to be an uncomfortable idea, please try to get used to the idea?

Because it's imperative and it's a dictate in our beginning, for the survival of this republic as a self governed and free nation that we always do what we can to become bettter, as more fair and free and as steady as a well built ship at sea.

Without chaotic sways from waves of the malcontent and misinformed this craft can be guided by the wisdom of the masses and not the emotional whims of low information voters and those taking for granted they've got a fantasy of a universal right to decide the fate of all. 

Requiring a test to indicate essential knowledge is not discriminatory of race or sex or ethnicity and can only improve this republic toward fairness and better representation.

Access to the polls is so essential to successful self-governing that I want people to have the ability to vote with telepathy on the toilet, if they choose. Their smartphone or any internet terminal would be fine, after reasonable vetting.

After society has an idea, the voter has an idea of the truth of reality, history, civics.

It is consistent with democracy and improving its trustworthiness. It will be another tier of representation, like Congress itself it will be local representation, by your neighbors, your family or your friends.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. . . whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that, whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them right." 

            - Thomas Jefferson


How Old Are You?

How little the freedom to vote dumb or not, crowd considers things when making paralell to my advocacy for statewide voter registration testing of basic knowledge to a community standard and outright democracy destroying voter suppression, intended to suppress. 

I would love it if 100% of mature citizens passed the Voter Registration Test and became change makers. Maybe then we could see a utopian government? In fact, I’ve proposed that if a State uses only VRT eligibility, that that should be online, and instant voting on passing should be a part (during early voting). 

There has been voter suppression from the start of this experiment in self government.

A truth we can not deny is that the age restriction for voting was and remains a voter suppression strategy that is all about the level of the voter's intellect. It is logical discrimination that is based in community standards (of consensus). 

When first agreed, it was a mutual fear, and it must have been a civic nightmare, that an immature brain, of an actual child or an adult that can not fully grow up (we all know one), would be deciding the fate of the community on matters of life and death. For those pioneers of modern democracy, the idea of it was likely, literally a REM sleep nightmare.

Citizens voting on collective issues and representatives to argue for us is an invention of modern humanity that is essential to self-governing, and fundamental to most ideas of democracy, but discriminating toward a minimum intellect of the voter is necessary if a nation is to benefit. 

It was too rare, but if only everyone could read in the late 18th-century, they could have written simple tests to ensure trust from all in the decisions of the electorate.

Because of the widespread illiteracy and with few options, before the Bill of Rights was even considered, leaders at the State level had already restricted voting to white males and or landowners and merchants. Unfortunately to their judgment, those were the reasonable among us. 

Emotion related differences from children to adults. 
A childlike brain will likely favor those emotional biases at the polls. 


Voting "Rights":

If you are a political pundit or a politician (viewed or read and or respected by many) and go about stating that Americans have a "right to vote," then poorly informed people will use it. Rights get taken for granted and abused. It's a privilege to vote; the Framers knew it and wanted it to remain so.

Voting should be slightly less difficult as it is to acquire a license to drive.

Both driving and voting for a person that could destroy the world are dangerous privileges, and we want the right people using them.

We want an indication they know wtf they're doing.

Constantly saying a thing does not make it true.

We live by a constitution.

Liars like Trump do that, and ignorant followers believe it.

The so-called "Right to Vote" is used similarly; repeating it does NOT make it so.

The Framers did NOT WANT a universal right.

Voting is dangerous. Leaders can kill people with their mistakes or purposefully. 

You are receiving FALSE voter information when listening to a commentator, a politician, or an activist etc., telling you anything like .....

"Every American citizen has a right to vote."

“Amazingly enough we do not have in our Constitution the right to vote as a Constitutional right, we leave it up to the states … That’s where I get passionately upset.” 

   - Bernie Sanders, 2016

An important lesson of the recent MAGA tragedy in American democracy is that voting is a dangerous privilege and must remain so.

Few of these "voters" would pass the civics, history

 or current events questions on their local Voter Registration Test. 


A Right to Vote is fiction and must remain a privilege, NOW MORE THAN EVER.

Here's a NPO that wants to create a RIGHT to VOTE, bc THEY KNOW the framers did NOT WANT Schmucks like the MAGAs using the DANGEROUS ability.

They STILL think it's about NUMBERS. 

The Confusion, 

Here is longtime Washington DC politico Chris Matthews skewing the 15th Amendment and conflating its purpose of equality to a never written Right to Vote: "It basically says everybody, because of our history of slavery, regardless of color or ethnicity gets to vote …." 

He's so right and wrong; it indicates pretty specifically that the minority can't be discriminated against in access to the polls; it's not giving all people a right to vote.

He's right about this, the US Justice Department has failed to enforce the 15th, and if it had been, we wouldn't be debating voting access or confusing a generation by calling a civic process a right.  

At 3:30 or so: 

Come on, Chris, it's an important distinction. 
This essay is an example of why that is.

If a State legislative body is writing a voter restriction law, or a new manner of making voters eligible, they are exercising a clear Constitutional right of the States to regulate and restrict the process.

The Framers had A LOT of opportunity to write a universal right.

There is no “right to vote” in the USA, as a guarantee in the Constitution, as a promise that any adult with a pulse must be allowed to decide the future of a complex nation.
The Framers thought that would be ridiculous.

After Trump, so do I. 

Bill of Rights: 

Where is it?

I fully agree, effectively it has been and remains racist to allow the States to regulate and restrict voting.

Amend the Constitution; let's take that right away from the States. 

Let's adapt the Federal Elections Commission to make it an army of voting equality and fairness, with standardization throughout the land. 

Because it's an invitation to any legislature to act on their racist fear or just fear of dumb people. A body can be biased for its party or skin color.


A literacy test?

In 1780, at most, 95% of the public could not read more than their first and last name.

In the two centuries following those figures improved dramatically.

Today, less than 5% of the public will reach adulthood and be illiterate.

We know what Jim Crow laws were, we fully expect voter registration testing to be created for equality, as all government services are supposed to be.

As the Fifteenth Amendment clearly dictates of the Federal government; equality of access to the polls is a right, not voting itself.

A well-informed voter is foundational if the self-government is to work, be trusted, and be fairer to all.

A smart idea.

It can turn the tables on voter suppression where voters' masses have become a competitive goal on partisan sides.

Imagine a pool of steady voters, each passionate and curious, and passing the voter registration test before every general election.

Like tested and licensed drivers, they can steer on the highways of representation to not crash into other people.

Reminder, there is no federally protected, or documented, universal right to vote in the United States. There is a law that defends equality to access.

Consistent with democracy and improving its trustworthiness.

We can all read.

Voting is fundamental to self-government, but there is no federal law that guarantees a citizen a right to vote. There is a law (Amendment 15) that protects equality of access to the polls, and in that manner, it can be called a "right to equality of voting." It's a privilege to vote.

An informed voter is necessary to the effectiveness and stability of any democracy, or they fall apart, collapsing from the ignorant hordes.

Hordes of the poorly informed incited by the most ignorant
 president in US history, on January 6th 2021.

Had Trump's voters been required to take a quiz to become a registered voter, they would not have existed.  

We abused the First Amendment, we lost control of truth.

Americans don't have to allow people to vote, who don't care enough to study to discover the truth.

We can't afford the LOW INFORMATION voter.

Democracy is FAILING; it's no longer about MASSES of VOTERS because proper representation requires well informed voters, not hundreds of millions of people too busy to find the truth who live in a divided news media environment.

Understand? Geez

The challenging future will require a reliable body of esteemed tested voters, not millions too busy to understand the complexities of issues.

After Bush, Trump, and Brexit, it's an excellent time to discuss an idea that's time must come.

Because, the low information voter does not have to be here-to-stay. Let them get on with their lives, that are apparently more important than giving thought time to serious issues of the day.

Trump, Brexit, right? C'mon!?

If the nation had voter testing, of history, civics and current events, to become eligible, the numbers would be smaller, but proportions of party advocates and divided opinions no less different, and they'd be knowledgeable voters that can't be fooled.

Having a pool of tested voters is a needed next tier of representation.

It is not like there won't be a lot of voters, all representing all needs of all people.

We want the tests to be welcoming and passable. It's who the voter is that's important. Someone who cares enough to keep-up and know their civics, history, and current events.

Our democratic representation creates a pyramidal structure, and adding a pool of tested registered voters is a logical adaptation to our new large population of very busy people:

What about your neighbor representing you because you're too busy and disinterested in politics to vote with reasonable care or study to know what is true?

Imagine that after voter testing is the normal way to register to vote, that 20% of today’s numbers will be participating at that time, but those numbers will be persistent or greater - to be counted on as consistently there, for all candidate to focus on their opinions - of knowledgeable people who care enough.

Testing should not designed to fail participants. The board can test the tests, and any member of an congressionally managed round table can challenge any question.

The great majority should be able to pass the voter test.


Tweeting about something right-now @EndAllSuffering.


The democracy nightmare of Donald Trump as a POTUS inspires a few measurements of empathy questions for the Voter Registration Test.

Well-informed, caring voters recognize an absence of consideration for others, and they vote against them.


Why not have a nation run on the instant opinions of every citizen voting with their satellite connected brain implants?

Kids too, why not?

I submit, you would rather society find a way to discriminate based on reasoning skill and knowledge of truth and history.

The Myth that Masses of Voters can save us ... 

(and the numbers game fantasy) ......

Accepted as true in liberal US politics is, IF the scenario could be true that EVERYONE voted, the Democratic Party would win is logical IF a majority (even a tiny majority) of ALL did their homework, and EVERYONE voted - a fantasy, proven to be every year there's more voters. 

It's not quantity, unless your entire competition is about objectifying all voters as simple numbers; of persons over eighteen years-old who can breathe. 

I was passionate about getting out masses of people to vote, for many years, even volunteering with my local Democrats to find people, and carrying voter registration forms in my school bag. 

However, I’ve realized that sustaining good (fair) #democracy with the “well Informed voter” (concept) was never about the numbers. It’s the quality of participants in the process of highly significant choices, and we are trusted to maintain this.

Below, an old meme I created 20-years ago, when, like many, I believed a simplistic idea that making voting easy, or everybody voting makes bettter representation:

Quality not Quantity.

We are not sheep to be herded for a head count. 


Here's an imaginative nightmare democracy scenario:

The year 2068; the long time belief by voting advocates that everybody vote, and then democracy can save us all, has some glitches:

Every adult wears a brain implant that connects to the Earth Office of Elections in a highly secure space station, and  ALL issues and political decisions are decided by MASS BRAIN POLLING.

Sometimes the whole world stops in place to masturbate. 🙄


What citizens need are those who want to be part of democracy, enough to find the truth and pass the test. 

You could pick the destroyer of the world.

Speaking of Words;

The plurality agree;

Alien Overlords destroying billions
 of lives would not be
so bad!
As compared to ignorant 
voters choosing somebody 
who could destroy ALL of 
our world. 

This picture is a good example of that danger:

Voting is Dangerous

Please take voting seriously?

It's a privilege and an honor, and I am grateful.

When people vote frivolously or carelessly, following a perceived community standard or believing in falsehoods or a candidate’s promises, we get poor government, and horrific behavior and mistakes are more likely.

In my past profession, I was tested repeatedly to install plumbing and heating to indicate to my community that I would not negligently explode a city block or poison the water, or blow up a house.

When I drive on the highway, I take comfort knowing those around me have been tested for limitations in their knowledge and bodies.

Is not the United States is worth providing at least that much safety?

If we test voters, we will more likely have an electorate who know the truth of current events, history, and civics.

 They could be counted on as a consistent number who would vote in a natural disaster.

Voting is a regulated privilege of those who participate in democracy and is not a "right."

If we Test Voters, we will more likely have an electorate who know the truth of current events, history, and civics, as they would be naturally curious information readers.

They could be counted to vote in a natural disaster, after a horrific war, or in a plague. 

Don't confuse rights with your privilege to vote; i.e. you cannot be discriminated against in the process for reasons of race or sex. 

A tested voter should get free stuff from city and state governments and a lot of local discounts.

They should get an annual check from the IRS, of $100. 
Keeps the numbers of them higher. 

Vote, at the time you test to vote, after you've passed your test.


Here's a fine example of some of the DUMBEST voters EVER; via  Jordan Klepper of the Daily Show. 

Save democracy and test these Neanderthals? 

Voting is a dangerous activity (we bomb nations) and it's supposed to be intellectual, BION.

They're ready to vote. 
They are eligible. 
They are 18-years-old, and they are breathing. 

Trusting The News Today; 

With misinformation widely allowed, the results of #voting can be as dangerous as driving a heavy vehicle in a city. If you don't have proper knowledge and ability you are probably going to hurt yourself and others, and be costly.

Voter testing locations should all have great catering with booze. After all, testers are registered voters are honored citizens.

In the future, an answer is advocacy for creation of #VoterTesting, for all lovers of country who keep up w/truth, to have the privilege of running democracy.

You could be sure an apocalyptic event would not stop a tested voter from reaching the polling place or voting online or by mail. By taking the test and passing to become eligible, they have shown great enthusiasm for participation.

Here’s an idea, in conjunction with testing, voting at the time of the test; you choose your candidates and other choices, and then you proceed to take the test. You place your test into a Scantron form that can quickly give you your result, and if you pass the test, your vote gets registered.

In my State there were 248K citizens who voted in a recent primary, of 2.2M eligible (old enough) voters.

While the nation waits for thousands of polling places and assembly of millions of mail-in ballots, published exit polls, inferring winners and losers, will inspire great anxiety, and outbreaks of violence and riots.

Test to vote concept creates a reliable pool of active voters, must like jurists are selected and maintained for trials.

The division of both truth and political bent will be here to stay in societies with freely published media; news distributions outlets that can't be taken away, and can allow biases affect their presentation of truth.

We have abused the Frist Amendment.

We have feared regulating our information.

We must see the necessity of maintaining a fully informed electorate as important as keeping a standing army.

If we #TestVoters, we will more likely have an electorate who know the truth of current events, history, and civics, as naturally curious information readers.

Less likely will be millions of misdirected voters, as we see today, everywhere.

I would include voter testing clause within Amendment 28, Public Campaign Financing.

I want every voter to be proud and feel honored, and not to have the feeling of a granted right, that can be un-appreciated in its use, sometimes far too casually "Let's give him a try, why not!?" Laze-fare voter participation.

We use democracy to run the testing component of voter registration.

A council of elected, term serving elders and their staff keep track of the truth, and agree on all test questions. They are accountable. Not like Fox News.

Below; pardon my humor, but you get the point.

If you were to slack-off of your news reading habit, for just a few months, you might fail the current events questions in the Voter Registration Test, and then you must wait until the next General.

The well informed voter is fundamental to good democracy; not any voter breathing.

We're learning this lesson the hard way. 


Voting is a Dangerous privilege:


2003: 60% of polled agreed when the Bush administration chose to bomb Afghanistan with NUKES, killing everyone, but ensuring the United States, "Got the Fu*ker!" said George W. Bush.  

53-days later, world war three began.

The 865 Florida voters that elected him felt a bit guilty. 

The creator of the Palm Beach county election ballots was never seen again.

Election 2000

Some, edited. 

Besides creating a wiser government, #VoterTesting / #TestToVote is the roadblock for Morons who believe in alternative news. Along with American history and civics, the current events section should be 1/3rd of the test weight, containing several recent news and politics questions. 


Governors; you can establish a testing system for all would-be voters, to ensure your citizens understand American history, civics and the truth of current events, if they choose to participate in self government. Ironically, refusing to do so is the type of stupidity the Founders had feared could destroy their hard work. We see this currently. 

Governors; and CHEAP!

To keep costs of #voterTesting low, citizens can go to a rented trailer next to their Department of Motor Vehicles to take their Voter Registration Tests; it's where most went to take tests for a driver's license.

It's wise #democracy that matters.


WE CAN AGREE in self-governed societies like ours; it’s a matter of public safety that voters make choices based on logic and demonstrate before voting, they are capable of doing so. 
To imply we aren’t capable of that is an Un-American insult.

It should be a priority goal. A smarter citizen operated government is possible if we address the beginning of the process, the choices of the voters and who they are. 

logic of #VoterTesting / #TestToVote .  

Not inserted; 04 28
As a citizen aware of the privilege and the honor of participating in self-government, there would have to be a TON of INCONVENIENCE to cause me to skip an election.

To save #democracy, I want others who share this attitude to comprise a steady pool of voters we can count on for a new tier of representation.

All rights reserved; James Gray Mason, 2020.  

COMBINE this idea with http://PUBLIC-CAMPAIGN-FINANCING.ORG (also by me) and we have got a magnificent new package of REAL REFORMS that can CLEAN UP long standing complaints about the fairness and efficiency of the mechanisms of democracy that we use. 

Thank you.

- James Gray Mason

@endallsuffering  / @timetravelwish 

More notes:

A common misconception is that because Congress lowered the voting age from 21 to 18-years, that they can pass a nationwide change to the process of voting for all Americans. 

No, they wrote a Constitutional Amendment that the States later ratified.

A new Amendment to our constitution is like a change to the United States itself; it's our supportive skeleton. 

It's one way to stop the next TV celebrity asshole from lying to tens of millions and becoming the president.

I don’t see a better long-term plan to protect democracy from idiots.

The USA is this important.

Voting is dangerous to life.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Medicine to Live is a Social Welfare Case for Eminent Domain over Big Pharma

Medicine to Live is a Social Welfare Case for Eminent Domain over Big Pharma

In a short time, the cost of living (being alive) has skyrocketed for Americans at the profit whims of a few who own and control life saving medications. Welcome to capitalism, unfettered.

This crisis has reached an outrageous level of indecency. The profit machine of big pharmaceutical giants has been modifying and growing since the 1960’s and fueled by the corruption of money on politics.

Image: How did this happen? With control in full, the people will never see this again:

prescription drug spending to inflation; Kaiser image

It's time we gain political courage for the welfare of the people, and end the crisis of existence of millions who live by a thread to the end of life, for the profits of the pharmaceutical giants.

Image: other nations comparison

An answer to this craziness is for this country to use eminent domain to own all pharmaceutical resources collectively. It's clear by now; we need protecting from this evil that has lasted far too long with no end in sight. Full control over the for-profit scoundrels is an area of social welfare that the Declaration of Independence was talking about if a document could speak. We can't thrive; the opportunity is robbed from millions by the misfortune of their bodies. It's life for God's sake. Eminent Domain. We take it all.

The welfare of all of us depends on a comprehensive and more permanent solution. We have used the tool for far less critical reasons than to give the people this vital necessity so they can live. I want this human service to be democratically controlled, and this madness to stop once and for all. 

The constitutional path is transparent, and it's time to put our feet down and demand that private industry not be exempt from this vital solution. I live near New London, Connecticut, where the SCOTUS ruled it was okay for the government to take land from the public to give it to a private developer, to profit so that the city could raise more property tax funds.


4.11.2021 Recent Tweet: 

Big Pharma is about to RULE the Consumer WORLD. 

They'll HAVE us OVER a BARREL.

I say US government Eminent Domain over them is now NECESSARY to save us from being their #VACCINE SLUTS. 


The Author, age 16, Washington DC
I thought this was cute, little did I know?

Weblog by this poser

Tweet: The people MUST REALIZE that we MUST TAKE all #BigPharma property and employees by EMINENT DOMAIN (and very soon), or those companies will have us all ENSLAVED to them FOREVER.

There will be far more unequal drug distribution.

THEY will RULE the world - CORRUPTLY.


The plague ......

If 85% of population has #vaccines completed tomorrow, and herd immunity is achieved, before 6-months passes most will need their new vaccines.

The potential of anger and frustration over who and when and which vaccine is endless.

Unless we take control of #bigPharma now.


First, we initiate full campaign financing for all offices, removing the corrupt influence of all money in our representation, returning to the meaning and the envisioned power of "one person one."

James Gray Mason

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Let’s Get Rid of Money in Society with Nanoscale Engineering of Quantum Distributed Carbon Based Information Printed at Home with Farmed Elemental Blocks


This became an essay in futurism that is really an essay in hope due to confidence due to observation of human adaptation and resourcefulness in using all that is in our environment. I go for the BIG SALVATION answers often and this essay became one of them: Money as the basis of all our evil deeds and our biggest future challenge. What to do about it!


         The quantum teleportation that Anton Zeilinger hypothesizes is the beginning of molecular transport. That ability to send immense and secure and unchangeable data in the form of the information of the atomic level of understanding of matter, waits beyond and hopefully soon because the world needs this big answer.

Graphic below via Wikipedia: A channel of information and primarily conceived of (now) as a communication (ultimate security) tunell of instantaneous transport of information. I say, waiting for innovation to turn that information into any carbon based object living or inanimate.

I wish that he would get together with Don Eigler (physics of nanometer-scale structures) and realize the potential in utility to solve the Earth's transportation of food, first. Then further great changes like: the elimination of money in societies one by one as MTP pads are installed.

Yes those are atoms (above). Assembled artificially with a tunneling microscope run by a computer program. Nearly 12 years ago. How much further now? Links below.

Molecular Teleportation pads; direct quantum information tunnels that send immense quantum packets of molecular data. I am saying: all of the information we can collect to the most finite degree of any caron assemblage that anyone would want - as in depth as the atomic structure of any carbon based object. Plant life, real meats you name it, directly to homes and distribution centers. Money becomes something to stuff in your walls for insulation.

At home the receiver gets a gourmet meal in seconds. A football for his son. A perfect replica of a full set of crystal champagne glasses. A new iholophone, they name it.

The Foreseen Industry of the Elemental Block:

Nothing is created from nothing. The elements we build and grow all that we need are here. We have found them. Processing plants can use large MTPs that gather our elements from throughout the world using worker aerial drones that pick-up what they need and deliver them back to Block processing refineries (very future high tech form of farming). Those refineries employ millions. They would send Elemental Blocks using larger industrial MTP platforms to the (Trekian) Replicators that are quantum connected to a block distributer. Dig, a home or industrial replicator needs this matter to “print,” all formed matter.

Each replicator will have enough Elemental Block leftover, always, to transform the data for a new (refill) Elemental Block, since much of the matter needed for transformation can be withdrawn from the space we live in. The oxygen, the water, minerals in our environmental air, many gasses, a cup of dirt from the backyard may be needed now and then. The replicator will tell if you need to do that. Technicians will enjoy employment servicing them. A customized block for your household can be achieved. One that contains your average elemental use. Just don't make too many luxury cars. 

However the questions start; who pays for the initial labor that must be capitalistically exploited to begin production of everything? Like, who builds the aerial drones that collect elements? Who finds the elements?

Answers; we begin an investment in each of these technologies. We invest in new young scientists. We invest in education like never before. We have to do this. We use the money we have left, we put an expiration date on all of our cash and gold and anything we have used abusively in our past. That date on that cash is good for a trade up to the day with our replicators are ready. At first, that replication may be a large industrial unit at your local grocer. Later, on the street corner. Later, in every modern home. Later, in the center of every village and town on Earth. 

In a quasi utopian (Trekian) society where all have whatever they need and most get what they want can all then sit on our asses and invent things! We can choose our fields and change our careers and educate ourselves beyond our wildest dreams with the time we have purchased by becoming a society that does not care about money.

We’ll find out who our geniuses really are, how many of them must have been passed over by society in our past. We’ll find our creative geniuses.

We’ll discover amazing things about all of nature and the cosmos when many of us had previously thought there was little else to find - because many more of us will have the time to slow down and observe and think and find themselves.

We will give thanks to both quantum technology and atomic reconstruction technology, that’s combined science allows the technology of 3D printing to soon become our home Replicators.

It’s all coming together folks. Get ready for a hopeful future brought to you by Gene Roddenberry and all writers of the futuristic and DREAMING and HOPING (yes I yelled at you).

Yaayy, after that we can all sit on our asses - more often!

Update: 30 minutes later: Shit. This is a great idea but also a great way to hollow out every planet in every system near us, making elemental blocks for our replicators to always have MORE STUFF. Shit. Back to money.

Shit. Big Block stores taking over the countrysides! 

Real Block Wars. 

Block Wars VII The Replicators Awaken, coming to a paid streaming service near you. 

By James Gray Mason, CR bs 12/2016

 Inspired by listenting and reading: Dance of the 
Photons by Anton Zeilinger: 

Don Eigler: Lift: “Don Eigler is a physicist who has specialized in the development and use of low temperature scanning tunneling microscopes. His research is aimed at understanding the physics of nanometer-scale structures and exploring the applications of nanometer-scale structures to computing.” Wicki lift: Quantum teleportation is a process by which quantum information (e.g. the exact state of an atom or photon) can be transmitted (exactly, in principle) from one location to another, with the help of classical communication and previously shared quantum entanglement between the sending and receiving location. Because it depends on classical communication, which can proceed no faster than the speed of light, it cannot be used for faster-than-light transport or communication of classical bits. While it has proven possible to teleport one or more qubits of information between two (entangled) atoms,[1][2][3] this has not yet been achieved between molecules or anything larger. Although the name is inspired by the teleportation commonly used in fiction, there is no relationship outside the name, because quantum teleportation concerns only the transfer of information. Quantum teleportation is not a form of transport, but of communication; it provides a way of transporting a qubit from one location to another, without having to move a physical particle along with it. 

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Monday, December 26, 2016

My Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Detector Detector and Room Humidity and Temperature Detector Reporter and Wifi Transceiver Alarm App

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Title? Did I Tell You About My Smoke Alarm?

The LEEO device,

Comedy; practice titles:  Great New Redundant App; The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Detector Detector.

Or perhaps?
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As an amateur writer I was stumped for a title. But then my practice title became the essay!

Pardon Me if this Seems Redundant But I Detected that Every Home and Car and Wallet and Pocketbook Should Have a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Detector Detector and Room Humidity and Temperature Reporter Detector and Wifi Broadcaster Alarm and App for Every Room in the House to Go with their Smoke Detectors - Just in Case.

As a Dyslexic Writer, I had Some Difficulty Spelling Detector Until I Wrote about my Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Detector Detector

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My New Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors Evolved

Smokin New App

Read this if You’re Afraid of Fire


Writing now:

I decided to finally buy a smoke alarm. I got a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector and alarm combination. Technically, it is pretty much the standard today. Nothing fancy. Just beeps and a sexy female electronic voice that accompanies each life destroying event says “Smoke has been detected.” And, “Carbon monoxide has been detected.” An update might include  “detected honey,” or “ I detect smoke. Get the fu*k out of the house!” next month.

But then, on my screen just before I made my safety purchase, thank goodness for Amazon. They showed my peripheral vision a picture of a round, white plastic electronic device with wonderful blue lighting emanating from its exterior, smoke and carbon monoxide detector detector. That sends an alarm via household wifi, just beneath the interface I was using the buy the smoke and carbon monoxide detector. “Very cool,” I said to myself. And “I need this.” A backup for the detector.

Looking further at the enticing small advertisement I discovered another component comes with the detector detector, an app that detects the detector detector; yes it’s accurate, a detector detector detector.

Addendum; 1 hour later: F*ck it! To simplify this understanding, it is kind of like adding ears to your smoke detector. You can’t have one without the other, or in the example of ears, the others. But this device goes all the way to include more senses and it even shares your alarm with an emergency contact, or more than one! Geez.

The wifi operated automatic 256 color LED light adjuster. Too much. Glad I don’t get paid for writing about a multi functional product.

I’m going to find something less productive to write about.

James out! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Man Wakes Up Completely Out of Coffee and Loses Mind


Man wakes up completely out of coffee. Loses mind.

“I’m out of order? You’re out of order! This whole social network is out of order!”

I used this picture in an ad to help sell my lawnmower. They wouldn’t let me post it in the grocery store. Waste of time.

Video screenshot: At home volunteer who just had an accident testing an artificial gravity chair for NASA. Had the power turned-up too high. Reported: ass got very heavy and large then small again after. Says ball size was “out of control.” Doctors say analrecto collapse possible.

Guy shouting profanities who woke up at 3 am to find out Donald Trump was elected the president of the USA.

Man discovers interactive television meant all-along, the broadcasters can see and hear the audience.

“Do I have to wait exactly 4 hours before calling a doctor?”

Sexuality scientist who just made an amazing discovery, all alone in his laboratory.

Scene from a fire department educational film about sleeping with something on - just in case.

Comedian smokes too much weed. Forgets the joke he was going to attach to selfie.

Actor in the beginning of a “This could happen to you!” scene from educational film for young people who may be considering shaving their pubic regions.

Actor in the end of a “This could happen to you!” scene from educational safety film by online adult toy store.

“The directions on the tube said the burning would stop momentarily!”

Guy discovers his new custom leather bachelor’s auto masturbation chair has some faults.

Late night infomercial host for the Angry Abs Workout.

Man selling his dirty underwear to school girls and women in prison from his Youtube channel.

Unfortunately for the defendant in the world famous Mad Murderer case, this time stamped selfie of him yelling at his television was his primary alibi that he was at home at the time. Now available on many choices of apparel and collectible dishwear.

Time traveler looks in mirror, finds out he’s a middle-aged white guy in this timeline.


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Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Late Night Television Sign-Off from NASA that Provided Hope to Millions

NASA did much more than send people to the moon in the great era of spaceflight that they brought to us.

Both my parents worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in the best years of my boyhood. On off-school days my mother would bring me to work and I would have my run of the whole compound. I got to know hundreds of smiling faces, of people all working to send us into space. Then at night I got to watch Star Trek. I knew with all the certainty a boy could have that the adults could do it. - James.

In our lives there are but a few very inspirational and hopeful memories kept in the vaults of our minds which we would not trade for anything. We remember moments with our parents, at the beach for instance, when we were feeling hopeful, and inspired and loved all at the same time. My most precious such memory is not any moments as a child with his mother or father or his family. Mine is a music video produced by the National Air and Space Administration and made available in nineteen seventy-two to any television station who wanted it. As a boy growing up in Washington D.C., I would purposefully stay awake for the sign-off on WTTG Metromedia channel 5, which occurred at midnight every night.

The nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies were times of turmoil. It was a depressing time to be a child who is both growing and also be apprised of events in the world around you, as your mind and body grew without choice. But this music video inspired a feeling that was so strong, it convinced my consciousness every night, that there was indeed hope. It made a claim in its message that "the adults had not screwed everything-up entirely," although everything I saw or read during the day surely indicated that they had.

Everyone held recent memory of news clips and photographs from the horrific Vietnam War. It was a painful change in the process almost every day. Assassinations of the best people we had seemed common. Unarmed demonstrations put down with violence by governments, caused me to think that change was impossible. Everyone maintained a level of fear that nuclear war would occur at any given time, at the push of a button by someone being angry, being careless, being ruthless, trying to win the war. I would look at the sunrise and think "some asshole could take it all away for everyone," and the thought would bring tears to my eyes. The civil rights battles for equality gave us all imagery of man's inhumanity toward man, treating people as animals to be herded. The rise of the proliferation of the handgun changed the way we thought about just being outside at night. We treated each other based on shallow differences. Discrimination was granted by society and it seemed very ugly as I was made more aware of it frequently.

"What's the point? If I'm going to grow up to have to face all of this? Who stands a chance in this world?" My child's mind rationally deduced.

But then I could escape hopelessness late at night by watching what was for me a lullaby of hope and peace possible. It was the channel five sign-off, featuring NASA Apollo Eleven astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin bouncing about on the moon. And the song Lonely People by the band America playing during the film clips. This showed me a reality on the other side of hopelessness and so reminded me there is hope for me, and perhaps for everyone.

Many people gather the feeling of hope from a religion, by having beliefs, but I was not a child of beliefs. My parents worked at NASA and I played there on many days when school was out, and I had my run-of-the-place in every building and had made friends with many grown-ups. And so I saw the wonders that man could frequently create and it was explained to me how we created them often. I was not a boy whose psychology could be settled with an invisible source of hope. I had to have the physical, the touchable, the measurable, the viewable to draw on for hope when I was alone with my thoughts. And this sign-off video was abundant with hope for my little scientific mind.

If a hope is one of the reasons, you immerse in a belief system I have this suggestion if ever you feel your beliefs aren't enough. You can find hope by observing your fellow humans and their many wonderful behaviors, discoveries and inventions, insights and philosophies of real life, from reality. Hope from the physical world feels pretty good and there is no supernatural element to create even the smallest doubt in your mind. So this type of hope is as solid as it is there in front of you.

Thanks Ed Smith! Your buddy: Jamie

Thanks to all you old-timers at NASA Goddard Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland! - Jamie

June 2014: YouTube:

John ____: "Hi - My Dad, Byron Morgan directed the NASA sign off you're talking about when he was head of documentary films at NASA in Washington DC in the 1970s. I think he got the recommendation of the song from my sister. An original of the sign off might exist among my Dad's things and will look for it and post it if it exists. If anyone comes across it in the meantime, please let me know! Thanks for all the warm comments. He would appreciate them. And thanks so much Oddity Archive for the recreation! You certainly got the spirit of what he wanted to show.
Some of the moments I remember...when the song says "hit it!" the Lunar Landing Module takes off from the Moon. It ends with a crane shot of a woman and man in a park and they're spinning around which I think matched spinning NASA footage? A bit of a Kubrick homage ;)"
________ : "I worked for TV station WAWS in Jacksonville,Florida back in 1981. We used to run the original. Great job of recreating it. Kind of missed the ending, if I remember correctly, it went from the moon, to a sat dish and ended with a couple standing over their baby's crib, I guess kind of 2001 ish "star child " ending. I love your ending with the flag shot, thought it was just as effective.I posted this on a facebook post, someone brought up the old national anthem sing offs. Thanks for posting this, awesome job."
Additionally: A great radio story about the hey-days of early NASA: Science Friday; NASA during the civil rights era.Listen at SoundCloud:

Image from NASA, "Engineer Thomas Byrdsong checks the Apollo/Saturn 1B Ground-wind-loads model in the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel 648 at NASA Langley Research Center on March 2, 1963. Photo by NASA."

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The 1960's were the best years of my boyhood and my parents worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. In summer, and on off-school days my mother would bring me to work and I would have freedom of the whole compound. And today I involved myself in a real time travel experiment and am successful before it was created, and NASA will have something to do with it, in our soon to be future: is IT:

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