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Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.

Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.
4.28.16 request for communication answered. Undeniable circumstance and physical evidence.

VERY IMPORTANT: The "J Symbol" of Christmas 2020

VERY IMPORTANT: The "J Symbol" of Christmas 2020
Also from me: Welcome to the 21st Century and the Greatest Discovery Since Fire.

NASA and the metallic looking glove with their insignia

NASA and the metallic looking glove with their insignia
NASA had a hand in this. They must have met the Being, Satan, and struck a deal for ...

World Radiation Report

World Radiation Report
They are warning us by using this TIME TRAVELED IMAGE. I'm certain now, that's a global radiation report. The end will happen.

2 undeniably related communications.

2 undeniably related communications.
2 undeniably related communications

Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!
Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery

an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Complaining About Obamacare is Ignorance of United States Healthcare

1996: What it looked like and what it still looks like. Except the ACA removed many of these lines and then allowed affordable health insurance for 17 million people, many who never had it before and more to come still. I made this abstract collage in 1996. If defines only in abstract what our current system still looks like. The ACA was an attempt to use what we had without greatly upsetting conservatives in our country and so maybe get a standard passed that insured millions and curbed the amazingly rising annual costs of delivery and health insurance premiums and also allow us to become more moral as a society.

Two questions that most Americans will still answer incorrectly based on their vast ignorance of what our so called “health care system,” in the United States was and what it mostly remains today despite the revolutionary changes made in the Affordable Care Act:

What is more economically more efficient and delivers better health care delivery to the most people at once?

  1. For profit private health insurance companies.
  2. Government managed health care delivery and financing.

Here is another question that most will get wrong based upon the psychology of denial:

Who would do a better job at economic efficiency and changes in health care financing and delivery to the most people at once?

  1. Elected representatives who are accountable to taxpayers and all citizens.
  2. Faceless for profit private health insurance company shareholders and executives.

If you hear someone complain about any aspect or any detail of current healthcare provided and blame it as the fault of “Obama Care” please ask them, “How was that particular situation before the Affordable Healthcare Act?” They won’t have an answer. They did not know how bad it was. They are learning just now of what they dislike.

The problems are not a causality of Obama Care they are a causality of being afraid of change for decades and of being afraid of facing complexity and of being afraid of admitting that the United States has failed at something.   

I predict that in 9 out of 10 of those complaints that that person will have no idea how that problem, or the problem that that aspect of delivery attempts to repair, was prior to the ACA. This a sure prediction because it seems very much that as we now scrutinize our health care delivery and payments in this country we do so with a new awareness, not an old awareness.

Those details of a vast and very confusing healthcare payment and delivery system (if calling was what before a “system” is even merited) are what most of this community is learning about now, at this time, after the ACA has been passed is new to a great many who cared not for understanding the mess that we had.

It was passed with no conservative support in this country as the best attempt liberals in this community could make to correct a tangled mishmash of disorder that was costing everyone of us an out of control fortune in precious life-saving money that we (liberals) knew could be better spent.

The healthcare system was out of control and costs knew no ceiling and tens of millions of people in our community had no access to even visit a doctor’s office. It was so out control that all of in my community the United States could expect that all health care costs would be at least 12% more expensive in the following year. It was an economic monster by any definition. It was literally killing us.

We had plenty of true systems to look at all over the world, but the conservatives among us thought that we were too different. Too good to learn from others. They thought that our so-called system was wonderful.

It was the profits. It was greed and bottom dollar corporate healthcare industry out of control. It was the cost of doing business or so we accepted it as. We were ignorant and we were all naive. It felt better to be blind to the complexity of a very confused “system.” Barely one conservative representative in this nation knew about those complexities. Barely one of them thought it was “a mess.” They would say things like “the best healthcare system in the world.” They were as children not wanting any change. They had the best healthcare system in the world: it was Congressional healthcare, it was a fast trip to Bethesda Naval Hospital or Walter Reed Army Hospital to be cared for by multiple doctors and nurses and get the best diagnostic technology within an hour of any complaint. They saw what they thought was our healthcare and so postponed making changes that would have saved the lives and the suffering of millions of Americans.

Now they complain the loudest when change is before them. They are the conservatives. A label for a political opinion that dislikes changes that favors the blissful state of ignorance of avoiding complexity and so maintaining a status quo. They think in naivety that the change should be easy. They  remain blissfully ignorant. The conservatives in the United States have no better solution for the mess that they allowed to grow and fester for decades.  

In 1994, I fought for a Single Payer healthcare system for the state of California. The industry steeped in money spent over $72 million to defeat the initiative and won. Californians lost-out on a great chance to show the rest of this country what could be. Here we are 20 years later and we finally have the first glimmer of a national program and we are hearing the voice of the ignorant who hate change once again. Now they want to repeal the ACA and “fix it,” but they have not a good plan to do so. They have learned what the dislike about changes that are really only the beginning.

There will be a unified and national program for providing our healthcare to a standard that surpasses all known standards of healthcare delivery and financing and payment known in the world. I know this because I have seen what the United States is capable of. I still have optimism we can do this after the all the ignorance and greed and disdain for changes that I have witnessed.  

We will likely call it “Medicare for All.” It will be an evolution of “Obama Care.” It will be the inevitable. Change is always wrought with complexities that often involve trial and error learning by large societies. If there was ever a change that we all had to bravely direct ourselves toward, in all the pain and through all the complaining, it is our healthcare financing and delivery “system.” We will one day be able to call it a genuine system of healthcare.

We will choose the current operations of the Medicare Insurance program because it already exists and provides health care financing and so the distribution of healthcare for over 73 million of us. So it makes sense that we should use it to be the most efficient method of financing and delivery of something every man and woman and child in our community will need through their whole lives.  

The next complaint you hear may come from someone who works closely with the complexities of management. They will likely blame it on “Obama Care.” It is the pain of doing what should have been done decades ago. It is the frustration with having change forced upon them. No one like changes that make us do work and causes us to be critical. That is human behavior. That is predictable.

Image: I made this abstract collage in 1995. If defines only in abstract what our current system still looks like. The ACA was an attempt to use what we had without greatly upsetting conservatives in our country and so maybe get a standard passed.

Here are a few other images from that battle decades ago to begin the changes needed to save lives and prevent much of the suffering we have been going through since that time:

All rights reserved: James Gray Mason, December 2015.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Keystone XL Pipeline Will Deliver WATER for Canada's Economic Surplus - an Unpublished Prediction from 2014

Update 2024; We must quickly begin to collect rapidly melting glacier water from our northern neighbor and pipeline it to hydrate the farming land of the central states, where a significant aquifer is about to run dry, which would cause food prices worldwide to soar.

Short essay from 2015:

Keystone Pipeline is for primarily designed for water, not oil from shale. I'm sorry Canada. You'll get another chance when the Unites State's bread basket aquifer runs dry. That crisis is approaching so just hang-on.

Foolish Americans: The Keystone XL Pipeline is for WATER (to save our asses and make Canada a super power we will bow to by the end of this century).

Just look at the glacier maps of southeast Alberta, where the pipeline begins. The town is called Hardsity, the glaciers are the 3 largest of 5 in all of Alberta, each within 200 klm of Hardsity and flowing toward the east. Strangely, the pipeline branches, to "storage facilities" in Illinois (not tar sands shale refineries).

Shale is incredibly inefficient to process. Not worth it for any nation. "NO SURPLUS EXPECTED!" (Canadian energy dept.) This story coming up. It's the first of many water wars strategies that smart nations are preparing for.

It is unreasonable to introduce a new fossil fuel that is far more costly to produce at this time, when nations are preparing for energy sources other than any fossil fuels.

If the purpose of the Keystone pipeline is to transport a fossil fuel energy commodity, It is unreasonable to think that the United States, where the majority of the of the Keystone pipeline will occupy, will benefit at all from the presence of the pipeline. Additionally, the U.S. has drilled over 20,000 shale oil fracking mines to date.

It is economically unreasonable that the people of Canada will see a surplus of any kind from extraction and refinement of tar sands oil.

The thousands of miles aqueduct just happens to zig zag very well suited as an artery of fluid distribution.

In comparison to current energy markets, it is unreasonable to expect that full production of shale based fossil fuel will ever be a competitive economic advantage for any participant in the global oil or extracted finite resources market.

The United States and many regions of the world can expect drought and water crisis in the decades to follow.
The proposed Keystone pipeline is built and tested with water, as if to transport water.

The locations of the pipeline make an adequate artery for distribution to important agricultural regions in the United States. The final point of the pipeline, in Port Arthur, Texas, is a major export terminal to reach the eastern United States by large tankers, and the rest of the world. This ability is tremendous in scope and prospect and so it is unreasonable that using the pipeline only for shale tar sands oil. The distribution of fresh potable water to the world.

The largest extractor of shale oil in the United States has just announced a 40% reduction in their efforts. They are not fools, it is very inefficient (relative to the cost of normal fuel production for gasoline). As gasoline is used less, its price is dropping, shale becomes even more expensive and foolish business, to extract and refine.

Even makes a detour of several hundred miles to Illinois, for storage purposes.

The Port Arthur, Texas final destination is to eventually be a distribution hub for fresh water for the world's needs.

The pipeline may be remembered as the first of many designed by strategy determined by humans following by nature's deposits of long lasting fresh water that will feed and nourish humanity for many centuries to come and may redistribute water on Earth, both to our agriculture and in our bellies and by distributing glacier born waste water to our localities.

Glacier water requires very little processing. Only first-pass filtration and fluoridation (if wanted).

Shale may be the most inefficient fossil fuel resource mankind might think of to substitute for our now developed manner of extraction, delivery, refinement, and consumer delivery of sources like crude oil, coal, nuclear and wind and solar energy methods of obtainment.

Shale, or Sand Oil, as the Canadian government calls it, has to be refined twice. The first time has to occur near the extraction point, after crushing, and requires importing butane and a mixture of chemicals referred to broadly as "condensates," mixing them just right (highly volatile production method), just to ready sand oil for transport in a liquid form, if that delivery is to be made easy, by fluidic transport using pipe. The second refinement occurs at a refinery no less toxic with no less a huge carbon footprint than crude oil refineries, to make the shale oil ready for market, flammable, liquid able, and make it smell like gasoline or another crude oil product.

Glaciers, as we know them at the surface of the Earth, are made from millions of years of snowflakes, compacting and becoming ice and becoming the fresh water that may save humanity, if we act swiftly now.

What is Canada really saying about the pipeline and their energy needs:

Canada department of energy is NOT forecasting growth in tar sands shale oil. In fact they predict in 2013, only 12% increase in production, from less than .5% of total energy production. It's for water fools. They'll have us over a water barrel. The largest American extractor of shale oil has just announced a 40% reduction in this resource. 

Examine. Decide, all this for tar sands oil? The mid-west will not receive another drought, another dust bowl in the mid-west? It is expected actually. We have not prepared. Americans are champions of denial. First in non preparation for the future. We'll deserve this for our idiocy.

"Megadrought headed for USA." from NPR Science Friday:

Update 2020, news and and commentary regarding our drying aquifers:

From, Democracy Now

First draft in winter 2014. Unpublished. Effective. Woke them up. [smirk]

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The World is NOT Law and Order Special Victims Unit - You Tinder Women!

"Media has been making a shameful and very inaccurate portrayal of nice guys like me for a long time now. Women have adopted the idea that these obsessive and stalking guys are some kind of common occurrence that is likely to happen to them."

This WAS a JOKE you Tinder women!
"Male gay friends of mine: DO NOT PHOTOSHOP this!"

"You whippersnappers!"

C'mon! Jeez. 

Damn you Tinder women! Jeez. You’re all a bunch of scaredy-cats now. Jeez. Tinder women: Your perceptions and your inaction on this hook-up app performed as extreme caution, are very likely ruining your chances of finding me and of finding a great love of your life. Jeez.

I’m a nice guy! Really nice! I’m handsome and have no kids and am practiced at relationships and I have not hurt anyone since . . . . well I really am not sure! After months on this app I have experienced rejection by the absence of hot looking women who won’t “heart” me, it’s the media! It can’t be me! My profile is honest and forthright and I’ve got 5 great pictures of me and Tuvok (my really cute dog). Jeez. The media and paranoia they create are ruining my chances of finding the right woman. I am not being selfish in this article; This diatribe that expresses my frustration with finding love and intimacy is also very relevant to your chances of finding love and intimacy. Get out. It is far safer out here than you have been lead to believe! Jeez.

Media has been making a shameful and very inaccurate portrayal of nice guys like me for a long time now. Women have adopted the idea that these obsessive and stalking guys are some kind of common occurrence that is likely to happen to them. It may be that I actually appear to be sort of like the crazy guy in the recent Hollywood bullshit story called The Perfect Man - or something like that. I saw the trailer for this garbage and the new perfect guy is hiding under the woman’s bed. I would never do that unless that was part of sexual role-playing! Jeez. Except I would have you hiding under my bed in that particular fantasy. Take a chance! A nice guy bio (on this damn thing) is more likely to be true than not. If a guy like me is taking the time and effort to portray himself as a nice guy - he very likely feels good about who he is. He is showing you his confidence that his portrayal is true. This is a truism. Get this please so you and I can find love.

“Contact is all it takes
To change your life to lose your place in time
Contact, asleep or awake
Coming around you may wake up to find
Questions deep within your eyes
Now more than ever, you realize
And then you sense a change
Nothin' feels the same

All your dreams are strange
Love comes walkin' in
Some kind of alien
Waits for the opening
An' simply pulls a string” Pull that string ladies. Love will not come walking in unless you open the door. Contact is all it takes. Contact is always kind of chancy. Jeez. Thank you Van Halen!
Tinder women; You will never find a sociological study that shows you the number of nice guys who can handle rejection. You will never find a slew of stories about happy meetings of seemingly perfect men who are stable and don’t make drama and don’t get obsessive. Just won’t happen. I’ve got no media advocates! Those stories are boring! Jeez. That scenario of a meeting a great guy who cannot emotionally handle a rejection from the object of his lust and desire is truly rare in our post-industrial and very politically correct and now stalker punishing society. Jeez. It is unlikely to happen to you Tinder Women! The world is NOT Law and Order Special Victims Unit! Jeez. Stop watching that bullshit. Get out of the house! Meet several guys and I’ll bet money they can handle your rejection! The field of wildflowers is abundant with nice guys like me who will not harm you! Jeez. Those evil nice guys are unique and rare and so remarkable and so chosen to be stories! You would not watch anything if they showed you what is common. What should be expected! This later statement is a rule to live happily by. It pertains to the real state of life versus everything you see on television and the bullshit that comes out of Hollywood. This also very much pertains to all news stories about relationships gone horribly wrong. Wake up and smell the roses! Jeez. Those are stories you have been tantalizing your fears with. You watch them so you can experience fear vicariously. You are glad when those stories are over because you honestly feel it won't happen to you. Think about that for a few moments. Your subconsciousness, what's biological role is to protect you is cementing those stories into your mind to possibly be cautionary real-life possibilities to teach you to be cautious. Being cautious is something you need to do as a compartmentalization, so that you can proceed into activities and then be genuinely safe in real life. Caution is good. I'm a very cautious guy. But I compartmentalize those imaginings as what may be and not what is likely. Please do the same. Your paranoia will overcome you and prevent great true love and intimacy stories! Jeez.
UPDATE: Evening: Then again I am living in Connecticut, USA. The women in this part of the United States are very much walking refrigerators. I keep forgetting this. I lived in California for a decade, where sexual hang ups are pretty much ancient history. A nice guy cannot even wave hello to a typical attractive woman on the street here, without her dialing 911 or scurrying off to get to safety. Usually a woman here will return a friendly hello with a "You pervert!" expression and run off like Little Red Riding Hood after her wolf encounter. Jeez. Get me out of here! Help!

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All Rights Reserved. James Gray Mason, 2015.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The National Academy of Community Policing is an Idea that's Time Has Come

Time to get serious about who our law enforcement officers are and get serious about a national standard for their training. 

The police should never be considered by any citizen to be an instant threat to their freedom and safety - if they are generally following the law. A cop should never have (or feel) he or she  needs to have the ever present feeling that each day may be his or her last day on Earth. No civilly legal confrontation with a cop needs to invoke a reaction of fear in anyone who feels they were following the law. Time for a standard and national and long lasting solution that addresses these needs NOW. How long are we going to allow regular people to become cops without first making sure they are great people? The answer of likelihood: Perhaps never if we allow the current direction and old standard of hiring all police to be a mishmash of individual community’s standards. Including, continuing to allow privatized police officer schools to operate and flourish. Including having individual state justice department's use many standards of acceptance such as “Has had firearms experience in the military.” Or, “Worked as a volunteer with the local Sheriff's department.” Or, “Says “He/she really wants to help people.”” We can’t possibly know who these cop “Wanna be’s” are inside themselves. We can’t possibly know all of their past behaviors that would reveal what they may be capable of, years later when adapted to the dangerous and dynamism of thousands of personal situations they will be in. We can’t possibly predict what type of person that genuinely a cop will become after years of service on-the-street. The role of a peace officer has been taken too lightly. We in the United States are some of the most impulsive and violent people on the planet. Our freedom results in this national personal we have become. We have among us nearly 150,000 firearms of all sizes and capacities floating about in private hands, uniquely when compared to all other post-industrial societies on Earth. We have a media which portrays frequently; people using violence to solve problems of domestic complexity. Most of us are capable of experiencing a temporary (or chronic) mental state that any good psychologist would agree “Needs to be addressed!”

It is time to begin a shutdown of every single police academy in this country and convert that system to an agreed upon national standard of complete training that awards a degree of excellence to every single cop in every single community in our larger community. Standards are the problem. Standards that are too relaxed or completely missing are what need to be taught to every single person who is charged with the responsibility of maintaining our safety and upholding law and order. The time to think about this was about 230 years ago unfortunately as is the case with so many problems within the United States. We have a mess of missing standards. Solution time: Many of us in the United States are of the opinion that local is always better.  As if a government that has a geographic center, in Washington D.C., cannot possibly know how to deal with an issue in Kentucky for instance. If you are a person who has had difficulty with the bureaucracy of a federal institution you may have adopted the opinion that locally is better in all things. I am of the former school of thought when looking at all the very local incidents that indicate what needs fixing in the United States. I am a “nationalist,” one might say. I am so because I have lived in five states as a citizen and I see the same problems in every state. I see that local standards are slightly different in almost any way they can be where the United States constitution allows for difference of standards, mostly in the justice system, are allowed to exist. Criminal justice is a stark example at this time and it has always been since the inception of this confederation of states. What we have in our criminal justice system in the United States is discrepancies in standards. Standards of both the rule of law and in the training of those whose careers are to uphold the rule of law. As a citizen of any economic walk-of-life in the United States It would be comforting to know exactly what to expect from one state to another or one county or one city to another. All of the cases of seemingly unlawful conduct by our law officers that we read about and watch on television news reporting are vast discrepancies of a missing standard of the enforcement of the law, spread out across this country.

A National Academy of Community Policing could bring about a standard of law enforcement that is a high degree of behavior that we citizens can all learn about and so know what to expect in every dangerous or every friendly confrontation with a law officer. It should be behavior of the cop and behavior of the citizen that we learn about beginning in grade school. We would be safer. Our cops could become people from whom we all know what to expect. A cop could then have a high and reasonable expectation that that a seemingly unruly citizen has learned this standard of expectation. A standard of behavior on both sides of the law is missing. If you do not see this, you have not been observing and then thinking about what is missing. Standards make us safer. Behavior that is taught is behavior that can be reasonably expected. The quality of police is reflective of the respect the public has for them and their practical value. We need to treat them well by requiring each to attend a 4-year Academy of Community Policing. We should commit to the concept and build 10 of them.

Here are some leading questions of which you probably have a reasonable answer:

How does a child with a toy gun behave when a police car is approaching and the cops are vocally yelling something at him or her?

What exactly can a motorist expect if he or she does not fully cooperate with a cop during the short time they are being confronted with the accusation of having made a traffic violation?

Is the life of any single citizen more valuable to any community than the life of any single law enforcement officer?

Should a law enforcement officer be expected to endanger his body when controlling a situation? Should a cop use his or her electric Taser or a club or use basic hand-to-hand combat training to “arrest,” or calm a situation when an emotionally distraught citizen is wielding a baseball bat yet know one has yet been harmed? Shoot to kill and ask questions later? Shoot to wound and ask questions later?

Should a state-sponsored prosecutor be the sole guardian and arbiter of a grand jury process when a prosecutor is a career-long friend of a local police department?
My proposal requires we all see that the absence of standardization that focuses on “Great people before great cops,” has led us to have 120,000 cops of too many poorly trained people conducting too many civil rights violations upon citizens. I will not present evidence of this condition here. That evidence only needs to be seen and heard in nearly any city newspaper or electronic media in our community today. Enter: the National Academy of Community Policing. A vision of what the founders of this country would likely have written into our Articles of Confederation as integral to a peaceful society that uses a centralized government. If they had a time travel visual device with them in 1776. It is our task to use modernity correctly to adapt those founder’s dream to fit what they could not see - in our future. Imagine please: fifty of these academies of excellence distributed throughout the United States. An applicant to this academy has to be tested to get in. He or she will have to have completed many prerequisite courses, that are strongly emphasizing the study of the humanities, to have his or her application even looked at by academy admissions officers. Once in, the real study begins. The first year of training focusing solely on the peaceful and constitutional treatment of citizens. The psychology of people in a complex society, in variable types of local economies, will be taught and tested for. Several students may be booted-out after the first year as testing will be stringent and frequent and tough. Year two will be all policing. Full training of the correct methodology of dealing with all kinds of citizens. Field training that is closely supervised. A daily - six days per week, and weekend days, a regimen of people training and the intense grooming of themselves to be the great people they were tested in to indicate they were prior to the Academy. For a graduate of this proposed 2-year degree of excellence: Pride they earned like few civil servants ever get to experience. A certificate of graduation they will honor and be very proud of the rest of their lives. A degree of excellence proven they will never want to dishonor. A memory of mentors who taught them during the most memorable two years of their lives. The knowledge and clear confidence that they know the people of their community’s better than nearly anyone else. They will be cops that most anyone of any level of society will have confidence and no fear of talking to on the street or at their car’s driver’s side door at any hour of the day. The federal government needs to do this soon. Waiting and hoping that individual states and counties will incorporate true constitutional training and methods that train great people before attempting to train great cops - is something we don’t have the time for. That slowly evolving idea would take decades of the typical pattern of the citizens of the United States discovering what will be needed, and that is is needed at all. The first several years of graduates should be in hot demand by every municipality. Those early graduates will have the ability to rise in their communities to become leaders of the community. They will be first to be considered a great choice of Chief of Police, the Head Sheriff, the Commissioner, the sergeant, the captain of the precinct and so forth. After several thousand of these graduates hit the streets their value to their first served communities will become clear. We will then see funding for their continued hiring and placement increased. As citizens of one big nation, we will see the value of funding them from a centralized source. We will quickly agree this is money well worth it. We will begin to unafraid of a police confrontation. We will be confident and safe from fear of people we should never have been afraid of to begin with - the founders of this experiment in democracy had had a time travel visualization device when the concocted this great idea.

~~~~~ Cops are statistically terrible at physical confrontations, because they draw weapons in a majority of situations. I've wondered why they don't all have expertise in something like Kung Fu. The cost would be worth it. It would be taught at the Academy. ~~~~~


Baltimore PD has gotten its ass reamed by the Justice Department. A systemic and almost innate pattern of bad policing and bigoted and discriminatory behavior has been documented well.

A community cannot trust the police when these behaviors are recognized by them. When there is no trust, fighting crime with the help of the community is nearly lost.

If there had existed several National Academies of Community Policing, there would be 2,000 graduates ready to replace the bulk of the entire Baltimore Police department and ready now. Unfortunately, the later solution is truly the only to correct this ingrained mess in that department. Change needs to happen fast in Baltimore. Not creeping adjustments, trying to teach thousands of experienced cops to have empathy and revert from their pattern of behavior is futile and will cause the people to not recognize the change because it will appear slow and there will be many who don't recognize the change, due to a slow and adaptive speed of change. We can't beat the ingrained psychology of these cops. Can't happen. Does not happen in the case of ANY human trapped in a pattern of bad behavior.

They must ALL BE REPLACED. All of them. Every officer, every chief, every sergent. I have no confidence that any other slow and adaptive way can fix the mess there. The entire department has to be REPLACED. Every single one of them. 

All of them.


Next: the clear need for real Traffic Cops. Cops who are not armed towers of fear invoking, armored gun wielding people - who have no other business than addressing your traffic or vehicle behavior and compliance with rules of the road. Or; people who cannot turn your traffic stop into a violent confrontation on the side of the road - unless they first back-off and call a graduate of the National Academy of Community Policing.



You are understood #MilwakeeUnrest. Your lives are invaluable.

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2020; The Black Lives Matter movement is BORN AGAIN after another CRUEL, and RUTHLESS and RACIST ACTION is caught on VIDEO, and VIRALIZED.

Late 2020, California:

#PoliceReform !!
I can not endorse this ENOUGH.
It's like my timeline is read!

The male brain is not finished developing until age 25. Why give it a gun and unleash it with violent authority?

College first, creates great people who CAN BE GREAT COPS.

All Rights Reserved, James Gray Mason, 2015.

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