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Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.
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2 undeniably related communications.

2 undeniably related communications.
2 undeniably related communications

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Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!
Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

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an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Morning Journal: Nearly Complete Parents in One Product, Self Sufficiency Delusion, Natural Corruption & Community, 5.9% Unemployment Rate Not Fooling Me

Morning  Journal October, October 4, 2014

Freeze Your Sperm/Eggs? You Should Freeze Your Thoughts Too

Humor: Zillions wasted!

“Idea: A man sells and freezes his sperm, and a woman sells and freezes some of her eggs. The two sexes each make hundreds of videos of their thoughts to their child or many children to come. Combine the two components as a Dad in a Sperm and Mom in a Egg  product to be sold by I.V. fertility clinics to wanting mothers and fathers who are for any reason choosing, or by no choice, living their lives without a partner of the opposite sex. The women will have many videos exclusively for a daughter and may have fewer for a son to be in the far future. The men will have many videos exclusively for a son, and may have fewer for a daughter to come in decades passed. Sell for big dollars to smart people who want a challenge and mothers who also want a father’s influence taught to their children.

The video compilations can be anything the potential electronic parents want them to include. Like reading books to the future children, or children orphaned. Showing the child a craft, a hobby, any interests. Teaching the child how to play games, like chess, cards. Telling the child the history and stories of his or her ancestors. A parent can play a board game in a video, as one player, the child pauses his or her video after mommy’s turn, then take’s his or her own turn on the same board game, and the cyber parent has just played a game with their child. The parents gone from life can have videos of their happiest moments, and of their saddest moments, of birthday wishes, or celebrations of holidays, like Halloween while in a costume. The creative possibilities are endless. 

The possibilities are numerous if this catches on. Like the loss of a father or mother or both would be a lessened emotional experience for children and loved ones as the videos exist. When holographic technology is more perfected and available, that would make this product wonderful.

Copyright Reserved, James G. Mason, 2014. 

5.9% Unemployment Rate & Not Fooling Us Any Longer. Time for Truth in Economic Reporting We Could All Use

Wow, it is being announced our unemployment rate is now down to 5.9%! This is about where it was just before the financial collapse of 2008. Huh?

How were you doing back then? Did you have a good job prior to 2008? Did that job pay you enough to live on? Was that job allowing you to be happy, like falling in love and having children you could afford to take care of? Was that job of your choice, or was it economic desperation that brought you there and keeps you there? How many incomes were keeping your home and life afloat prior to 2008? Did you have health insurance that actually prevented disease from making you and your family broke forever? These are measurements relevant to me.

Not relevant to me is the increase or decrease in the numbers of people applying for unemployment compensation insurance at our state labor department facilities, for the first time in their lives, which is how we get this 5.9% number we’re supposed to view as good news. Hell, I’ve stood in the unemployment line three times in my career in labor. Is anyone counting me anymore? Is anyone counting those who have given-up on the fight for a good job, who for example have been trying to make-a-living selling crafts online from their basement for three years, while collecting food subsidies from the government? If not why not? Is the truth too depressing for the American people? We are in the dark about all of this.

We honestly don’t know - we the common people - what is the true state of our economy as it relates to our lives. We hope we can continue. We pretend we will be able to. We hope those in government can do what they can to keep inflation low, raise our wages, help us meet a standard of living that includes, minimally, the list of living standards I apply to this article?

More about your condition of working and survival prior to the collapse of 2008: Was that job you had a laborious job that was kicking your body's ass every day,  certain to cause early arthritis, back pain, knee pain? Were you compensated for that risk, all those years? Were you breathing in an amount unknown, or full well known, of carcinogens and toxins that will ensure you die before most people you know and love?  Did you receive sub standard pay to make the large profits of someone else prior to 2008? Were those profits being reinvested in your own community?


Measure the amount of food being purchased/traded for, including home grown, as it relates to our specific populations and the general population. Then we’ll know how well we are doing. Then we’ll see visually our ability to feed ourselves. Very basic. Food purchasing drops even 1.3% in a quarter? That’s bad news. Food purchasing goes up, people are happier - as could be defined by deduction of all the material things we need after feeding ourselves, those next priorities in a life we are all familiar with.

We individuals should not have to flip through pages and pages of internet web sites, or watch thirty minutes of financial news a day, trying to make sense of greed and exploitation’s role on our lives. We should exploit through technology, the existence of the Social Security number as a labor and pay tracking device, that follows a citizen for a lifetime. Include in the new ability of the number the tracking of periods of unemployment, of non working sick days, of vacation time, of raises. Let factors of tracking include our educational levels, our geographically categorized economies where we have lived, our access to health care treatment, our children and other dependents costs on our income, the health detriment level of our jobs as known to be, and on and on. Let it track our economic gains and our losses, everyone’s.

Scary? Government intrusion? No. It’s just information and not of your private life. These records are yours to keep, and one department of our government’s business to track and record. Accountability. Transparency. A measure that does far more good than harm for all of us. For the truth about our economic condition to be available clearly to all, at all times.

Copyright Reserved,, 2014.
On Naturally Corrupt Behavior & the Presence of Religion - Morality

We don’t know who is corrupt. Worse, many of the corrupt have no idea that they are. That so many members of our communities seem filled with corruption and practice exploitation, has little to do with the amount of the presence or absence of religiosity in our communities. Religion is born from communities and communities are born from religions. But it is fact, that the great majority of communities were created for the purpose of locality convenience for the exploitation of resources and people, and then religion found it’s foot-hold later.

The  Quakers experience a level of corruption in their flock, the Mormons have their share of corruption, evangelistic Christianity has a great deal of corruption, and just observe the religiously inspired corruption in the Middle East. Observe secular corruption: In our corporations, our small businesses, our common tax evaders who live next door. Does the later community have more or less
corruption then the former communities? I think the answer is not really, not very different. It’s clear to me the presence of a religion matters not as a significant factor that determines the presence or absence of corrupt behavior.

It’s Natural Behavior:

We humans very naturally seek out advantages to excel in our survival and happiness. That seeking helps us find corruption near our lives, and advantages, more easily and more frequently. We find cheats, evasions, obfuscations of truths to our advantage. We find the lies, and excuses that aide in our denial, then redirect our morality toward continuing corruption with a clear conscience.

We accept minimum standards created by uncaring and un-empathetic politicians who are economically detached from our own lives. We too readily accept these standards for treating our fellow humans, as the moral bottom-line, instead of what we know in our hearts is the real moral bottom-line (more than ½ of our Congress are millionaires). Best example is the case of the minimum wage: in the Untied States it is a low pay rate which for four decades now, cannot sustain a family, or an individual, but becomes the moral bottom-line when a business owner is seeking to keep overhead costs (labor) at a minimum - as if that behavior is perfectly moral. The movement to change this moral standard is a movement of true benevolence for the entire community, of creating a new moral standard that “raises all boats” in the harbor of our community.

*Please investigate the Moral Monday Movement.* Please return.

Answer: the legal/constitutional exclusion of the rich from the easy ability to represent the majority - the 60%, the economically struggling, by creation of nation-wide public campaign financing for every office election, small and large. Call it “Amendment 28.”

Morality within a community changes over time. A standard of morality is a modern standard, a hybrid of our past standards and inclusion of new standards, of which we are in agreement. But the corrupt among us can easily create those new standards, and unfortunately, in this modern world, their economic position places the corrupt in a position to buy speech, to propagate their new standards in our community broadly.

A non profit organization in my community means little today. Our government has allowed the special interest group (representing a minority which seeks only more profit,  for example) to appear as if their mission is for the better of all by allowing applications for NPO status to bypass moral inspection. Inspection that could determine if the new NPO’s goals do indeed benefit the community at large.

But our standard has lowered, and large money interests are forging their appearance in the community as something benevolent, kind, with our best interest in mind. When they do this, they are reinforcing their perspective, a perspective coming from the need to profit more. It’s confusing for the public when an oil company places an actor outdoors standing next to a oil pipeline and listing a few of the benefits of their profiteering.

Only transparency and accountability can keep the evils of corruption and exploitation away from our communities, and our influential children. But we severely lack that ability, and the willingness to police all of our corrupt actions, and those who have used democracy to place themselves in the best position to increase the profits of a minority are drowning in a pool of denial, they wish to share with us. Like having a belief system (a religion) compels people to attempt to convince others their beliefs are actually true things.

Copyright Reserved,, 2014.

The Self Sufficiency Delusion

“In this modern day, self sufficiency is a delusion of the ego.”
- James G. Mason,

Liberals like me have been trying to communicate the following for years. The philosophy of taxation's effect on all of us, rich or poor, is infrequently understood and many false assertions come from this misunderstanding. Warren is actually speaking (video below) about a type of person, with a particular standard of morality. I think these people she is pointing her finger at are those who never properly learned to share in childhood, and so never learned that because we share we all benefit. They then take for granted, for rest of their lives, that the resources they need to succeed will continue to "fall from the sky," and so "Why share?"

They are the exploiters, who often get rich by using our resources, and unreasonably they then scream for less government, as they are under a delusion inspired by greed that they themselves had not been hoisted into their comfortable leather seats by taking advantage of our government.  A government through which we collectively chose to provide the resources they have used. Warren is speaking below about an ethic that is harming us all. This corrupt ethic also brings us corporations in America with little loyalty to their communities, the first corporations to out-source our communities to their economic death.

Elizabeth Warren understands liberal philosophy and has an eloquent description to aid in understanding the core of one of our most pressing economic issues. If she runs for president, I'll support her over anyone in current contention for the office.  See video.
Senator, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Copyright Reserved,, 2013

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