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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Human Plant Hybrid Cell Could End Hunger and Starvation


If necessity is the mother of invention then incorporating plant life into our own life in order to always eat is an idea that has surpassed it's minimal requirement to be a necessity by leaps and bounds and must now become invention to save the world from hunger and death by starvation. I'll do the easy part, I'll invent the concept right here in this article, then I'll name it, let it be named the Human Photosynthesizing Cell or HPC, or HPHC for Human Photosynthesizing Hybrid Cell. 

We must invent it because we may never come close to feeding the entire world and terminating all that suffering using normal agricultural methods and this creation could do just that - eliminate hunger. We may for a very long time continue to have at least one billion people per day sleeping hungry every night somewhere on this planet. Hunger is the embarrassing emblem of humanity's continuing greatest failing. In just sixty years our population will double. We can not sustain ourselves at current population numbers, never mind how we'll do it when we are twelve billion mouths to feed on Earth. 

Science looks inside of nature when seeking answers and answering the huge problem of not enough food has always been about how to grow enough food, transport enough food, get enough food to the right people. It's time to look at nature again but not so deeply, we need to look right on the top of Earth's surface in plain view at the process of photosynthesis for carbohydrate production, yes leaves, plant cells, but within us, part of us.

It's time to become plant people and deliver a world wide blow to all suffering that will never be forgotten. No longer could power be declared and be lost and no longer could wars be fought over the amount of food absent or present of any people in any land where the sun shines onto flesh.

The new tissue will feeds us the ends of it's tiny growing leaves into our nearby bloodstreams. Tissue that of course would turn our skin a translucent green like the forests or the backyards. We could provide our new skin it's sustenance simply by swallowing plant fertilizer vitamins daily and making sure that we lay in, or work in, sunlight, or artificial sunlight for eight to twelve hours per day (for example). Who knows we may not have a need for green skin, perhaps science could control  the pigment gene for the new hybrid cell and we could all enjoy custom created skin tones that conduct photosynthesis and create carbohydrates and fiber for us to survive on for as long as we shall all live under the light of Sol.

It's not easy being green.

And yes you geeks reading this, the photovoltaic energy created in photosynthesis would not go to waste either, a small device could harness our new skin cells' billions of microscopic power-plants and charge our smart phones and other low power interfaces, perhaps our internal devices, while we lay in the sun.

We'll need an enzyme producing white blood cell to produce the interior leaf eating enzymes so we can digest the plant matter growing in our bloodstream. Creation of specialized cells from stem cells takes a front in priority of research. It will be amazing, but it won't be as difficult as much of what we have already done.We want our hybrid cells to last as long as a long living tree or large green plant would live, perhaps fifty to one hundred and fifty years. Low blood sugar and other biochemical events

should engage a physiologic trigger which regulates the amount of leafy growth for the blood stream, in this way we are not over producing green leafy food when we don't want to, and scheduling dinner will never have to happen.

We may not need the hybrid cells all over our bodies, perhaps just our hands and arms, or maybe even only our foreheads or scalps where the most light can reach for the most part of the day. Essentially the skin would have to produce enough leafy matter in our blood streams to amount to about two thousand calories per day.

I'm confident in human science that through collaborations of the best scientists, with someone creative pushing them who has confidence their goal, we could achieve the H/P Hybrid tissue cell and end hunger on Earth. The hungry and the poor must get their implantation first and the anorexic western women and obese people of the world will have to wait.

Simple. Create the hybrid human/plant epithelial cell, feed the world. I know the devil is in the details, but this issue is far too important to allow scientists to claim "stumped" over. It's a true necessity dammit! Now let's invent for our priorities like this concept does.