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Time Travel Wish can't get no satisfaction! No money to promote discovery, bummed.
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2 undeniably related communications.
2 undeniably related communications

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Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!
Now IT IS VISIBLE for the WORLD to SEE and have HOPE!

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an amateur can spell amatuer either way he likes at Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, the discovery
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adopt-a-Job: Millionaires Sponsoring New Jobs Lifts All Boats, Makes Super Economy

I am a writer and a retired plumber. Pardon my grammar and spelling. And pardon my numbers as they are only examples of approximation. I have been a small businessperson several times. This plan raises the level of income for a generation and can be used when ever needed. It makes more millionaires and households that become hundred-thousandaires.


It's absolutely true and it's a shocking fact that we need millions and millions of new jobs and we need this now. We could have up to 16 million healthy workers out of work and or working vastly underemployed. Our nations' workforce is desperate and our families are being destroyed daily by economic stress and the children are innocent victims whose lives are being ruined by parental separation. Our Congress and our President and all the thousands of hours of television time and the billions of words spent from our economic pundits and the world's best economists have not produced an answer to this dire situation. We must jump onto a plan which promises to relieve this condition and has permanence for the economic salvation of the next generation. 

If you agree that we need immediate answers to a severe crisis, read below with an open mind. Suspend your beliefs about economy and governments and absorb the impact of the below plan:

Motivated by an income tax deduction they would be foolish to refuse, each of millions of millionaires sponsor 1 or 2 new full time jobs in 1 year for $60,000 each. The tax deduction should return at least 150% (conservative approximation) of sponsorship cost, costing the treasury revenues of $60 billion for every 1 million full-time new jobs. However the Treasury is getting chock-full of dept busting income from the lifting of all tax exemptions among millionaire households. There won't be room in the program for all of the millionaire households wishing to save a ton of money and participate in the jobs program. The sponsor may use the deduction only 10 times within 15 years for life, or a similar amount. For 1 million real jobs, $60 billion may be the most efficient spending our government has ever done. This is capital spending, on human capital, capital guaranteed to make positive return, read on to see how.

$20,000 tax free discretionary funds go to the new employee at signing of a contract. The employee finds the job through applying to the program. Debts paid, homes saved, big ticket spending, relief for families. Or the employee can blow it all on gambling. This freedom of spending must be allowed for this formula to work, motivation for all parties to participate must be strong. Policies will prevent employees from jumping from job to job, defrauding millionaire sponsors. A new employee must have been unemployed for a number of months.

$20,000 is secured to be part of the employee’s salary. A salary the employee has already negotiated. This could pale in comparison to the regular rate of pay at a workplace. The plan is flexible to change this amount relatively toward the reasonable good pay of the job, so long as it is suitable for living in our economy.

$20,000 discretionary funding goes to the new employer, who in addition to his new subsidized employee, could then subsidize a second new employee, or buy equipment, training, or advertising. Or, the employer could lose everything in Vegas. Strongly motivating the employer is the discretionary aspect of the sponsorship, which allows for thousands of uses for the cash. This freedom of spending will be appealing and inspire creative expansion for brand new tasks, for brand new jobs, to meet the demands of their brand new employees, who are on spending sprees across the nation.

Imagine 1 millionaire  matched with 1 unemployed person and 1 employer within 1 year, followed by the injection into our economy of $60,000 from every single new job. Imagine it happens many millions of times for a few years. Imagine a labor shortage and employers needing really good resumes for employees to study.

The formula requires no sacrifice that is not repaid. It has no loop-holes or inadequacies that can not be handled by policy. It’s mostly free-market dependent, it increases existing wealth and makes more millionaires, it pays for itself, it’s voluntary, temporary, makes millionaires patriots. It has the potential to start strong and fast if the formula is adhered to. Most importantly it makes a nation of happy and healthy employees whose families stay together.

At 150% return, supplying the $60,000 in tax return in payment for participation will cost 60 billion dollars for every 1 million jobs. It all comes back quickly of course, with the first 2/3rds of the amount hitting-the-streets immediately. But we can budget this income reduction and take from other areas we all agree are wasteful like military spending and ending our low Capital Gains tax rates and consider all income taxable for the first time in our history.

Reader ask yourself, ask your peers, what you the reader find what would be wrong with this plan, why it won't work, what would make it fail, what loopholes can be prevented? Do you see why the economy would get stronger and stronger? Do you see why conservatives and liberals should like this plan equally? Do you see how both the poor and the rich and the middle class, benefit from the formula?  What are our chances of passing a plan using this formula, with this congress and this president?

Reader, please don't consider your approval or not of this proposal today. Please chew on this proposal. Families are falling apart right now and they need and deserve your thorough consideration of this program. Ignore your party affiliation or this will fail and more families and children will suffer permanent damage. Besides, fools make up their minds in seconds for answers to problems taking years to develop and to grow complex.

Reader, some of you hate this president and so will see several things wrong with the proposal in a bias (that you will not recognize) just because he will be signing it into law. Personally I would support an Oak tree if the tree had a plan that saves families from despair. But it's your prerogative and it's your post death legacy.

"The most generous persons I have ever known have all been poor. They deserve this."