James G. Mason's new novel

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Holy Babble, version 99345.02 [DRAFT]

Special thanks to Christianity for many interesting yet very flawed and often awkward and inappropriate stories written and edited in a time of massive widespread ignorance and written so poorly that critical readers are often compelled to actually rewrite the whole thing!

Chapter I

Our violent beginning continues to drive us
 toward sex, and it's resulting violence creates
 more violent beginnings, while we marvel at 
the wonders and the challenges in between 
this linear time.
To understand the beginning one must accept that the concept of always exists and that it has nothing before it and nothing can be expected after it. Always is a description of time which is out of control. Where life forms in our universe experience time linearly, or one measured event after another, always is encompassing of all linear time and has no point of reference for a place in time. One must also accept the existence of nothingness: a dimension of immeasurable existence defined by an absence of anything quantifiable within it, not by space or by time. The shape and boundaries of nothingness can be defined only by the shapes and boundaries of that which makes contact with nothingness.

Nothingness and always are engulfing all matter in our universe from the smallest atom to the largest star. It is the space in between all atoms, it is what the universes have the most of. Nothingness in always exists and begins an eternal ocean of nothingness and always at the edges of a mass of an unknown great quantity of universes which are each in motion toward their singular purpose, procreation.

 In the beginning of this unfathomably large universe there was no space to even refer to as “space.” Then thirteen point seven billion years ago the center most massive area of an entire universe which had been rapidly accelerating toward nothingness, while smashing it's most distant outlying galaxies up against the seemingly incompatible dimension called nothingness for many billions of years until finally it reached the veritable wall of nothingness. From that collision there was created an unstoppable blast of energy which then immediately required mass to be expressed. It was the reproduction and transformation of one universe to begin another universe, it was a sex act on a universal scale, a new universe was created in this very space.  But nothingness had no mass, not even space. So in the collision of a universe into nothing, a hole was made into the universe and a tremendous amount of mass was sucked inward from the hole toward nothingness. No space had become a quantifiable and visible thing, no longer nothingness. In the new space scattered randomly in small pockets in between great distances of space were huge clouds of newly transformed mass as gas and metals and minerals of all kinds and they were all bound to a common molecular shape called carbon. The gases cooled for hundreds of millions of years and they condensed and formed planetary bodies of many varieties. And the planets collided into other planets and the energy and mass of some collisions was so tremendous that the mass of the collisions became stars of burning gas. The stars glowed brightly and then there was light in space. More than five billion years passed and the planets slowly stopped moving and colliding, and they found their homes in space, embracing through gravity a perpetual graceful dance around the light and the warmth of the stars. In the new stability the carbon molecule found many trillions of ways to combine with the many mixtures of gases of the universe, and life was born all over space. On the Earth the amino acids of the atmosphere combined with carbon to form proteins in the waters of the now cool planet's surface. For a billion years the proteins found many ways of combining with the elements, and then finally they found a manner of combining which allowed them to reproduce, and there was sex. Through sex a carbon and protein molecule was forced to find their own kind to reproduce, and an ambitious life form with a singular purpose was created, that purpose was to procreate. The single celled and single purpose organisms had reign over the planet Earth for more than one billion years. They learned through the processes of natural selection and random mutation to favor and to reject physical qualities that did not improve the ability to procreate, and the best of their own kind grew complex and began to utilize many cells rather than one, cells organized according to the ever expanding functions of their bodies. If a mutation or the result of a selection favored further procreation, that mutation and or selection was multiplied through the population. And the Earth teamed with life of varieties too many to count. One of the multi celled organisms learned to swim in the ocean and continued to conduct natural selection, and continued to reject some mutations and accept others, and after hundreds of millions of years they adapted legs, arms, lungs, eyes and evolved eventually into a human being, still driven by violent procreation, still looking for the best selections based on ability to procreate, still experiencing mutations, thankfully.


Jesus was from an upper middle class Arab family. Joseph and Mary were dark skinned with typical Arabian facial features. The man known as Jesus Christ was half Arab and half Roman (Caucasian).  Jesus  had the lantern jaw and high cheek bone facial features of a Roman man and his complexion was a much lighter shade of Arabian than his parents. He was more handsome then most men in his world, which later did indeed help him “attract” the public, especially the ladies and “gentlemen.” He seemed credible on first impression, and honest. He and his family survived a long and brutal Roman occupation because they were servants of Rome for all of Jesus’ life, and they were therefore complicit in Roman occupation. An affluent Arab family anywhere along the eastern Mediterranean coastal lands would have been killed or enslaved if they were not Roman ass kissers who are known to produce taxes and local pay-offs, or provide resources that support Rome or it’s army. They were whole hearted participants in Roman rule, for example traveling across desert expanses to take part in a census what’s only purpose was increased tax revenues for Rome, that is either loyalty to Rome or a great deal of fear and anxiety regarding Roman rule. In Jesus’ genetic gunk there may exist a strong behavioral proclivity toward office cubicle work for government departments - but Jesus struggled with is DNA, he said no to the status quo “ . . whips and torture dungeons be dammed,”  and he proceeded to strike outward at the world! Carefully, strategically, with buddies, and legal passage.

At Jesus’ birth, after Jesus was swaddled in a blanket or two, Joseph and Mary quickly took off with him on new top-of-the-line camels with fresh stores and with the frankincense and mur and gold from those mysterious kings from places what’s identities are vague (believe it or not it would make far more sense if the three kings were time travelers ensuring that the baby Jesus have a comfortable life!) By the way you can’t locate a manger under a frickin star or a nova of a star, you could be effectively under that star from millions of places on Earth at once. So the star is bullshit. I suspect the manger story we know of was only because Joseph needed a cover excuse for suddenly owning a stone worth of gold, and a frankensense and mur stash he was suddenly carrying on his belt and fumigating the tents and taverns with. Joseph had recently acquired his valuable objects and he and then pregnant Mary were making an incognito get-away. Mary went into to labor as a result from anxiety and stress due to Josephs’ recent trouble, perhaps he was involved in a robbery of gold, frankensence and murr? The Roman census excuse fit right in with the manger story, the gold . . and everything. Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus headed for the ocean and bought a nice villa where they raised Jesus and his brother James and sister Mary junior. At the property the Christ family kept some slaves, perhaps only four or five slaves (to appear modest), probably Africans from the continents’ interior and one of them would have been a nurse maiden/nanny who would have been Jesus’ second most important feminine influence and whom Jesus would have loved also as his mother.

One day when Jesus was in his adulthood for several years he got it in his mind, or read it somewhere that he needed to shed all material possessions, that it was greed and envy caused by these possessions which corrupted mankind the most and he wanted to take part in it no more. Also there were a great deal of pressure from his mother and father to find a good subservient woman with decent child bearing hips and get married and have grandchildren. But Jesus needed to be with the guy folk much more intimately, like on a long camping trip. He needed to get the manly companion need out of his system. Coincidentally his life at this time was looking very much like that of a man named Siddhattha Gotama (the Buddha) who had lived several hundred years prior the time of Jesus, in the then recently accessed Persia (including ancient India). Jesus probably had read about the Buddha in his dad’s modest papyrus scroll library. It could be said and it may be true that Jesus did a Buddha. So what right? I mean he was entitled to do what ever he wanted even it had already been done. Besides Buddha had lived so very far away from the Middle East that it was very unlikely anyone listening to Jesus words’ would know of the Buddha. Ships had not sailed west to circle the African continent toward Persia yet. Beside Jesus was sure this Buddha stuff would work around there and the average Arab in the middle east really needed something to become hopeful about again. “Everything must go” he decided, except some good Berkenstocks, clothing for day and night weather, a pouch to put stuff in, some grooming essentials, and Roman coin, and stocking up on food is okay too. So he and his sister Mary, who was also needing to get her man out, (there is another story there) took off to explore and spread word of Jesus’ epiphany. Jesus was sure the people would want to hear what he had to say. A couple of unemployed guys from the village tagged along. They knew Jesus, he was cool with it. Besides they knew Jesus had the magic “stay out of bondage paper,” Jesus carried in his loincloth a rather damp letter of passage with the seal of Rome embossed upon it and explicit instructions from the local Governor to allow him and his party passage without incrimination, he was smart enough to get that from his father Joseph before his dramatic exit from mom and dad’s place.
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